Quality management 

A stable and a high quality product is the core condition of company development.

iBOTS has the priciple of delivering the best products to customers,and we are strictly adhering to the quality requirement initiate from the designing procedure. 

  1. hardware designing phase:we hire an engineers team with 10 years experiences,all the electronic commponents we use is imported chips from Korea & Taiwan.Moreover,we were fully considered core issus like the hareware upgrade, electromagetic interference,electromagnetic compatibility, line circuit filter, overvoltage and overcurrent protection,heat radiation.
  2. software designing phase:our engineers team has aboundant self-balancing caculation and robot molding experience, and they have done many scussessful cases in robot intellectualized aspect. With 2 years R&D and testing,the operation system and software caculation has been almost perfectly in real practice.
  3. Assemblying phase:we are strictly adhere to the  quality control,assembling are finished all-in-one line. In addion, we have 12 quality control procedure to ensure the qualified  rate can reach above 99.9%.
  4. testing phase:our product have passed the function test, performance test, reliability test,overvoltage and overcurrent test, vibration test, aging test, abnormal state handling test,critical condition test. The tests prove that our products are performing good, as well as durale and reliable.
  5. packing phase:we invite the japanese industrial desinger to design our package,which is four layers of protection to prevent the crashing and bending.in addtion, assessories have their own slot to ensure the safty of delivery.