iBOTS News

 16th June 2015:

In a recent development by famous self-balancing vehicles by iBOTS  has announced to introduce electric scooter in india, for commuting ,specially in educational campus. In educational and residential institutions in india where students mainly commute by bicycles or walking, now have self-balancing scooters. The move is aimed to view the rising concern of pollution, and space that most of the vehicles eat up.

Already the company has firmly footed in electric Cycles,ATV etc in india and overseas market, providing with excellent short-distance transport tools. This new scooters especially designed for students in Universities and other educational institutes are believed to be a good advantage for both company’s growth as well as fuel economy. The self-balancing scooters are stylish and user-friendly. Moreover, the vehicles take less space and easy to carry. These are safe because the rider cannot exceed more than 15kmp speed.

11th May 2015: 

iBOTS is a popular brand since 2012, creating various types of battery-operated vehicles and self-balancing motorcycles. iBOTS Vehicles in india is most popular because of its stylish and functional value. The main distinctive feature of these types of Vehicles is self-balancing one seater, one wheel scooters with small storage capacity. Many countries still do not categorized it as a motor transportation vehicle; still it is gaining popularity fast, especially in Asian countries.

The disadvantage of this vehicle is ironically the advantage as well. It cannot run more than 15 km per hour, so it is not categorized in many countries as a motor vehicle, but it safeguards the passenger due to its speed limit.

01st Jan 2015: 


Environmental pollution has become a serious haze which is now a hot topic among people, "green", "energy", "ecological" and other words emerging in people's chat. High-tech is no longer existing on the movie and become truly benefit the livelihood of ordinary people in all aspects of life.

iBOTS developed and imported the self-balancing electric vehicle is green, energy-saving products. Our electric vehicles are flexible, lightweight, pure electrical drive, emissions per kilometer is lower than people walking and easy removal, small footprint fits easily into the trunk of cars. iBOTS Vehciles  as a  high-tech products in the market, with its innovation in the form of direct services that benefit the masses of the people, and move the sights from the top range of science and technology to the social services, working, amusement park,shopping .....

Technology is not only to stimulate economic growth and benefit people's livelihood, environmental protection is also very important. iBOTS zero emission highlights the modern technology innovation to lead the role of improving the speed of development, and promote the transformation and upgrading, as well as low-carbon development, improving people's livelihood and well-being and other aspects. iBOTS focused on creating R&D services, including scientific research and technological innovation means of high-end fashion products. iBOTS has a  tie up with large manufacturing base in Korea ,Taiwan & China, a product assembly line, quality control, quality testing laboratory, failure analysis laboratories and warehouses and other institutions. We use excellent raw material suppliers around the world, this is according to strict quality standards and norms processes produce products. iBOTS brings together the world's best resources, considers about global markets.