Electric ATV (Battery operated All terrain Vehicle 500 w)

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Big  Kids now have their Electric ATV wishes met, they can move up from the smaller and slow Electric ATVs with plastic tires to the faster and more powerful 500 Watt 24 Volt Electric Quads with rubber tires without compromising on safety. The new IB101 500 Watt Electric ATV by iBOTS is one of the small body quads with a powerful 500 Watt motor. The electric ATV top features include, Parental Speed Control Key, 2 Heavy Duty 12 Volt 12 Amp batteries with a total output of 24 volts, Headlights, aggressive knobby rubber tires, disc brakes, and great safety features unavailable on other Quads. 

Talking about safety, the iBOTS electric powered ATV is equipped with an ignition key but also includes a second key switch for parental speed control. It also comes with a foot activated cut-off safety switch on the floor which  disables the throttle if not engaged. The electric ATV safety switch will easily bring the quad to a stop when the rider takes off their foot pressure from the switch. This Electric ATV is a fun, quiet and pollution free way to enjoy off-roading. You will find small Electric ATVs like this one an asset as it is accepted at most outdoor functions like racing events in the pit area for transportation use. Take this Electric ATV to the outdoor events like hunting trips. Young hunters can quietly travel the trails without the noise of a loud gas engine! 
Product size:130*79*730cm 

seat height:550mm 

packing size:104*62*58cm

max load:95kg 
Motor: 500w 

Battery: 12V/12Ah x 2 

Net weight: 40kg 

Gross weight: 45kg 

all alloy wheels 

pneumatic racing tyres 

dual front and rear shock absorber 

automatic clutch, chain drive 

single rear disc brake 

Tires(Front/Rear): 4.10*10-4/4.10*10-4 

Product size:130*75*730cm 

seat height:550mm 

packing size:135*78*58cm

max load:95kg 
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