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iBots Adventure electric balancing system and gyro sensor coupled with a flexible user interface results in an stabilizer case. The professional research and develop team of the electric scooter industry continuous to provide researchers, scientists and engineers the ability to enhance the design and improvement of the product.

iBots Adventure is one of the best Robotics Mobility Platforms of electric scooter. The components and configuration technology and software system that has been rigorous testing in complicated and harsh environments all over the world as part of the durable testing.The gyro  sensor inside the urban lean the rider with the assistance of five micro-machined angular rate sensors with 2 accelerometers, what sense the angle of the transporter with data of gravity at two thousand times per minutes. The cpu on the PCB calculator the right signal to transit the right electric  power to the motor. That forces the motor to keep balance and run on the right direction with balanced status.So, if you want to move forward ,than the gear will applies motor torque to the wheel to make it forward with balanced status. When you want to move back, it applies motor backward with reverse electricity to make the wheel backward just like your thinking movement.

Competitive advantage:

Energy cycle storage utilization while another highlight of iBOTS Adventure. Analyzing iBOTS Adventure,the center of gravity by the brake control module and stop instead of conventional friction braking system based. As a result, the deceleration process, the kinetic energy into electrical energy stored in the battery, without any loss of heat generated by friction. In short, there is no waste of energy.
iBOTS Adventure navigate the future because of its small size, reliable and unique concept of security has become advanced driving techniques means of transport for the crowded city. Its innovative design structure is based on the principle of "small body, big soul". With the rapid development of the modern city.


1 police, security personnel patrol

2 Personal travel, entertainment and excursions

3 In the tourist attractions, parks and recreation playground lease

4 Intelligent mobile robot platform

5 industrial parks, factories, greenhouses personal transportation

6 commercial applications, Segway riding navigate to promote your products

7 Car Partners, put the car trunk as a scooter

8 airports, stadiums, indoor arenas, large warehouses, shopping malls

9 Show Buyer trip

Pedal Size      160 * 340 * 125 mm
Net weight 56 kg
Size          48 * 60 * 88 cm
Maximum cruising speed 20 km / h
Maximum load 120 kg
Maximum mileage (after full charge) 30-35 km
Maximum gradeability 30 degrees
Minimum turning radius 0
Charging time 2H-5H
Battery Lead-acid, 36V, 42AH
Power Brushed DC Motor
Voltage 100 V-240 V
Motor Power 2000 watts (2 * 1000w/pc)
Battery life 1-3 years
Tire 19 * 7-8 vacuum off-road tires
Wheel diameter 48CM
Standard pressure 100 kPa

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