0.28 Inch 0-100V Three Wire DC Voltmeter Blue

  1. Measuring Range (V): 0 to 100 VDC
  2. It is a 3-wire display.
  3. LED Color: BLUE
  4. Current Consumption : < 20 mA.
  5. Accuracy: 0.1 V.
  6. Refresh Speed : Approx 200mS/time.
  7. Measure accurately up to  3.6 V

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This is a Blue Three Wire DC Voltmeter, 0.28 Inch, 0-100V.

This digital voltmeter is small and lightweight, featuring a blue LED display. It just takes a few minutes to configure the 0 to 100 V 0.28-inch Digital Voltage Tester DC VOLTMETER; all you have to do is attach wires directly to the source you want to measure and watch the LED blink!

The yellow/white wire should be connected to the positive pole of that source or to another source that we intended to measure the voltage across. The red wire should be connected to the positive pole, the black wire to the negative pole. Make sure the negative pole is connected to the common while monitoring the supply voltage from another source. Because the electric circuit has reverse polarity protection, there’s no need to worry even if there is a mismatch in the wire connections.

This 0.28 Inch 0-100V Three Wire DC Voltmeter Blue will automatically adjust the decimal point’s location based on the various measuring voltages in order to achieve the best measurement accuracy. It will display the voltage reading two places after the decimal point if it is less than 10V. It will show one place after the decimal point if the voltage is higher than 10V.

incredibly vivid and respectable The LED display is prepared to measure DC voltages between 0 and 100 volts. It is lightweight and compact, making it simple and convenient to do. Because of its tiny size—just 0.28 inches—bright, clear blue light viewable LED display, low operating voltage, and ease of reading even in low light.

This 0.28-inch, 0-100V, three-wire DC voltmeter in blue can be used to gauge the voltage and condition of storage batteries in cars and motorbikes. Other voltages can also be measured using it. The maximum operational voltage of the voltmeter is 100V; thus, when operating, please allow sufficient margin to prevent irreversible damage to the voltmeter from an electrical spark, ripples in the power supply, or other very high abrupt voltage changes.

Connections :

Red Wire: Positive of the Power supply

Black Wire: Negative of the Power supply and also used as the negative of the measurement voltage source

Yellow/White/Blue: Positive of the measurement voltage source

2-power source (Red and Black) line with the highest input voltage cannot exceed 100V, otherwise, there is the risk of burnt.
Three-line voltage range 0-100V, but also can be used as second-line use in 40V voltage to within Technical parameters.

The display weight and Dimensions may have ±2% error.

Features :

  1. Very small and lightweight voltmeter module.
  2. Very handy and easy to use.
  3. Blue LED display.
  4. Best operates in the working voltage range of 5V to 24V
  5. 100% Brand new and high quality.
  6. No direct exposure to sunlight
  7. product stability, high accuracy

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