165 mAh 3.7V single cell Rechargeable LiPo Battery

  • Goods: Compact Lithium-Pouch
  • The voltage is 3.7 volts.
  • 165mAh is the capacity.
  • Rate of Discharge: 1C
  • 3g in weight
  • 45 x 8 x 5 mm in size; ideal for IoT applications and portable devices

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A 165mAh 3.7V single cell rechargeable LiPo battery is a type of lithium polymer battery commonly used in small electronic devices like wearables, Bluetooth headphones, or small drones. Here’s a breakdown of its specifications:

  • Capacity: 165mAh (milliampere-hours) indicates the amount of charge the battery can store. In practical terms, it signifies how long the battery can power a device before needing a recharge. A higher mAh rating generally means longer runtime.
  • Voltage: 3.7V (volts) is the nominal voltage of the battery. This is the average voltage output over the battery’s discharge cycle. It’s important to note that the voltage of a LiPo battery can vary throughout its discharge cycle, typically ranging from around 4.2V when fully charged to about 3.0V when fully discharged.
  • Single Cell: This means the battery consists of only one individual cell. Batteries can be made up of multiple cells connected in series or parallel to increase voltage or capacity, but a single cell battery has just one cell.
  • Rechargeable: Being rechargeable means the battery can be recharged multiple times using an appropriate charging circuit. LiPo batteries are known for their ability to be recharged quickly and efficiently.

Such batteries are popular in applications where space and weight are critical factors due to their high energy density and lightweight nature compared to other battery chemistries like NiMH or alkaline. However, they require careful handling and charging to prevent damage or safety hazards.

Note:  Images may vary from actual product in terms of color, size


  1. Electronics Gadgets
  2. IoT Applications
  3. Portable devices
  4. Wireless devices
  5. Electronic Toys


  1. Do not store Li-Po batteries in extreme temperatures below 0C or above 50C
  2. Always disconnect Batteries when not in use and store batteries in a non-conductive and fireproof container
  3. Never expose Batteries to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight
  4. Never charge a battery that is still warm after usage, and never use a battery that is still warm from charging


  1. Lightweight, low mold opening cost, and high safety
  2. Low self-discharge rate
  3. This battery are PCM Protected
  4. No memory effect and a slow loss of charge when not in use
  5. Small Li-Po Battery are rechargeable battery
  6. Good charging and discharging characteristics
  7. It offers high capacity and hence can be used to hold more power
  8. Long cycle life

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