1S 18650 3.7V lithium battery protection plate 6 MOS

  • 4.25 + 0.05V is the overcharge detection voltage.
  • Discharge detecting voltage: 2.45 + 0.1V
  • Overcharge release voltage: 4.23 + 0.05V
  • Continuous ceiling current: 12 A
  • Current for overcurrent detection: 15A
  • Voltage input for charging: 4.2V
  • Size of product: 35*7.4*2.2 mm
  • Electronic parts: DW01+8205A

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Due to its large charge storage capacity, Li-ion batteries are the most widely utilised batteries in many indoor and outdoor devices these days. These batteries are frequently seen in portable electronics nowadays. Compared to other battery kinds, they are more efficient, small, and have a high energy density.

One disadvantage of this type of battery is that it requires constant monitoring during the charging and discharging process; otherwise, the battery’s life would be significantly shortened, and its capacity to store charge will be diminished. Such a battery has a great danger of harm if we discharge it below a certain voltage range, and it may explode if we overcharge it.

We can employ battery protection and charging circuits, like this one, to get around such problems. This is a Li-ion single-cell charger/protection circuit that may be used to parallel-connect five or six Li-ion cells with a capacity of up to 2500 mAh or a single 15 Amp cell. Here, MOSFETs are used for the monitoring function that guards against short circuits, over discharge, and overcharging of our battery cells.


  • Guard against overcharging.
  • over discharge safeguard.
  • protection against short circuits.
  • protection from overcurrent.

Battery type for Wiring Instructions:

  •  B+ is positive.
  • B- Negative battery power.
  • The battery pack’s positive input is output as P+.
  • The battery pack’s negative electrode is output via P-.

Specifications and Features :

  1. Overcharge detection voltage : 4.25 + 0.05V.
  2. Over charge release voltage : 4.23 + 0.05V.
  3. discharge detection voltage : 2.45 + 0.1V.
  4. Ceiling continuous current : 12A.
  5. Overcurrent detection current : 15A.
  6. Input Charging voltage : 4.2V.
  7. IC components : DW01+8205A.

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