Ultrasonic Piezoelectric Humidifier Moisture Film Humidification 25mm

  • DC 3.7–12V is the operating voltage.
  • Frequency of Resonance: 1.77 MHz
  • <2 ohms is the resonance impedance.
  • > 52% is the coupling factor.
  • 3000 pF is the electrostatic capacity.
  • Spritz rate: greater than 110 mL/h.
  • low-noise functioning
  • Tiny fog flecks

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With a 25mm diameter atomization plate tablet, this ultrasonic humidifier moisture film humidification atomization machine is appropriate for high power atomization. Based on the principle of cavitation caused by sound waves, this Ultrasonic Humidifier Moisture Film Humidification 25mm Piezoelectric Transmitter module operates. Compression and rarefaction are present in sound waves.

Water droplets move so quickly that they are unable to maintain their liquid condition and instantly turn into vapour. The source of this vibration is a piezoelectric filament.

Note: This Module Needs Power Driver Board to drive, which is not included in a package. you have to buy it Separately.

The Principle of Ultrasonic Function:
A high-frequency electrical signal is converted into a high-frequency mechanical oscillation using a piezoelectric transducer submerged in a water bed. A brief vacuum and intense compression happen when the oscillation speed is increased to the point where the water particles are unable to follow the oscillating surface, which causes the explosive creation of air bubbles (cavitation). Broken capillary waves are produced at cavitation, and minuscule (1-micron diameter) droplets are released from the water’s surface tension and swiftly disperse into the atmosphere, vaporising and being absorbed into the air stream.


The principle of ultrasonic humidification is based on the superposition of two effects:

1.Implosion of cavitation bubbles
Tiny cavitation bubbles are released by a strong water hammer effect caused by an oscillator’s amplitude change. Tiny water aerosols are released into the surrounding air when the bubbles implode on the surface.

2.The hypothesis of capillary waves
In the water tank, the ultrasonic oscillators produce regularly shaped Rayleigh surface waves. On the crests of these waves, tiny water aerosols were also released into the surrounding atmosphere.

Using ultrasonic humidifiers allows for the production of a homogenous aerosol mist while using the least amount of energy possible by combining these two effects!


  • As a humidifier.
  • Facial massager for aesthetic purposes.
  • Equipment for atomizing medical liquids


  • Operates with minimal noise
  • Tiny fog particles
  • Minimal noise production
  • Extended life of operation
  • Elevated stability

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