4 Pin Battery/Motor Connector

4 Pin battery/motor connector set. 6.3mm terminals for 16 through 14 gauge wire. Includes matching 8 piece pin and socket terminal set. Commonly used for throttle, brake lever, power switch, and speed controller connections.

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A 4-pin battery/motor connector typically consists of four conductive pins or terminals designed to facilitate the connection between a battery and a motor, commonly used in electric vehicles (EVs), robotics, drones, or other electromechanical applications. These connectors provide a secure and reliable interface for transferring power from the battery to the motor or other electrical components.

Here’s a breakdown of what each pin might typically represent:

  1. Positive Terminal (+): This pin carries the positive voltage from the battery to the motor or device. It’s usually marked with a plus sign or color-coded to indicate the positive polarity.
  2. Negative Terminal (-): This pin serves as the ground or return path for the electrical current. It completes the circuit and allows the flow of electrons back to the battery. It’s often marked with a minus sign or color-coded to indicate the negative polarity.
  3. Motor Control Signals: These pins are used for controlling the operation of the motor, such as speed control, direction control, or other functions depending on the specific application. They may include signals for PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) control, feedback signals (like encoder feedback), or communication protocols (such as CAN bus for more advanced systems).
  4. Auxiliary/Additional Signals: This pin might be used for various purposes depending on the application requirements. It could carry signals for sensor data, communication with other devices in the system, or additional control functions.

The exact configuration and specifications of the connector can vary depending on the specific application, voltage, current rating, and other factors. Connectors may differ in terms of size, shape, pin arrangement, and locking mechanisms to ensure compatibility and safety. Additionally, connectors may be standardized or proprietary depending on the manufacturer and industry standards.

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