• Nominal voltage :60v
  • Battery type : LFP
  • Maximum charging : 20A
  • Maximum discharging : 40A , 50A

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An EV 60V 30Ah LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery with fabrication refers to a custom-made lithium-ion battery pack specifically designed for electric vehicles (EVs). Here’s a concise overview:

1. **Voltage and Capacity**: The battery pack has a voltage rating of 60 volts (V) and a capacity of 30 ampere-hours (Ah). This rating indicates the amount of electrical energy the battery can store and deliver to power the EV’s electrical systems.

2. **Lithium Iron Phosphate Chemistry**: LFP batteries use lithium iron phosphate as the cathode material, known for its high energy density, long cycle life, and enhanced safety compared to other lithium-ion chemistries.

3. **Custom Fabrication**: The battery pack is custom-fabricated to meet the specific requirements of the EV, including size, shape, and electrical characteristics. This fabrication process involves assembling individual lithium-ion cells into a pack configuration suitable for the vehicle’s power and energy demands.

4. **Application**: The EV 60V 30Ah LFP battery pack is intended for use in electric vehicles, providing reliable power for propulsion, lighting, accessories, and other electrical components.

5. **Performance and Durability**: LFP batteries are known for their excellent performance, with features such as high power density, fast charging capability, and long cycle life. This battery pack is engineered for optimal performance and durability, meeting the demands of EV operation.

6. **Safety and Environmental Considerations**: The battery pack is designed with safety features to prevent overcharging, over-discharging, and thermal runaway, ensuring safe operation under various conditions. Additionally, the use of lithium iron phosphate chemistry enhances safety and environmental sustainability.

7. **Compatibility**: It’s essential to ensure that the EV 60V 30Ah LFP battery pack is compatible with the specific EV model and electrical system requirements to ensure proper operation and performance.

Overall, the EV 60V 30Ah LFP battery pack with fabrication provides a reliable and efficient power source for electric vehicles, contributing to their performance, range, and environmental sustainability.

Product Specification

Usagefor Vehicles
Battery TypeLFP
Maximum charging20A
ManufacturedMADE IN INDIA

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