8mm NPN Inductive Proximity Sensor RM18 DC6~36V (Unshielded)

  1. Operating Voltage (VDC): 6 ~ 36.
  2. Detection Distance (mm): 8.
  3. Outer Thread Size: M18.
  4. Object Type: Inductive.
  5. Output Type: NPN Normally Open Three-line.
  6. Installation Type: Non-Flush (Unshielded).
  7. Max Output Current: 200 mA.
  8. Setting Distance (mm): 0 ~ 5.6.

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The “8mm NPN Inductive Proximity Sensor RM18 DC6~36V (Unshielded)” is a specific type of sensor commonly used in industrial automation and robotics for detecting the presence or absence of metallic objects within its sensing range. Here’s a breakdown of its components and specifications:

  1. 8mm NPN Inductive Proximity Sensor:
    • 8mm: This indicates the diameter of the sensing head, which determines the size of the area within which the sensor can detect metallic objects. In this case, it’s 8 millimeters.
    • NPN: NPN refers to the type of transistor output used by the sensor. NPN sensors are commonly used in industrial applications and require a positive power supply relative to the sensor’s output to operate.
    • Inductive Proximity Sensor: This type of sensor operates based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. When a metallic object enters the sensor’s electromagnetic field, it induces eddy currents in the object, causing changes in the sensor’s output signal.
  2. RM18:
    • This likely refers to the form factor or housing size of the sensor. RM18 could indicate the shape and dimensions of the sensor housing.
  3. DC6~36V:
    • This specifies the operating voltage range of the sensor. The sensor requires a direct current (DC) power supply within the range of 6 to 36 volts for proper operation. It’s crucial to supply the sensor with a voltage within this range to ensure reliable performance.
  4. Unshielded:
    • “Unshielded” indicates that the sensor does not have a protective shield around its sensing head. Shielded and unshielded sensors have different characteristics regarding their sensing range and susceptibility to interference from external sources.

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