BGC v3.15 MOS Large Current 2-axis Brushless Gimbal Controller Driver

  • Two stabilising axes
  • Supply Voltage: 3s–4s LiPo at 8V–18V
  • Maximum DC current of 2.8A for per motor
  • MPU6050 sensors are supported
  • Yes, overcurrent protection
  • Protection against overheating: Yes
  • Yes, undervoltage protection
  • Protection from reverse polarity: Yes
  • Support gimbal motors in the 2–8 series
  • Maximum current of 10A

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Originally known as AlexMos, the BaseCam SimpleBGC 8-bit controller board is the BGC v3.15 MOS Large Current 2-axis Brushless Gimbal Controller Driver. Although the 32-bit version of this board has replaced it, the 8-bit version is still supported and readily accessible in the market.
It continues to yield excellent outcomes!
This controller can be used to construct high-end 2-axis camera stabilising systems without the need for an extension board. The extension board allows the controller to be utilised with 3-axis control systems as well.
From a functional standpoint, users of this board can freely upgrade systems from this board to the newer 32-bit board, as both boards are 100% backward compatible with each other.

Additionally, since the management software is backward compatible, using a newer version of SimpleBGC’s GUI (management software) with this board is not only possible but also desired. This enhances the board’s usability and further simplifies the process of upgrading to the 32-bit board.


We utilise our multi-platform software application (SimpleBGC GUI) to configure the controller board. This can be used with Linux, a Mac, or a PC. There is an Android version as well.

It should be noted that the GUI software runs outside on a PC, Mac, Linux, etc., and that the board includes firmware. The GUI software tracks the firmware number and needs that the GUI revision be at least as recent as the firmware on the board.

Although the 8-bit version has a User Manual, you can utilise the 32-bit board’s GUI with this board, so getting the more recent and comprehensive User Manual for the 32-bit version might still be helpful.This is especially important if you decide to utilise this board with the updated GUI version. But keep in mind that you can only use the 8-bit board’s firmware on the 8-bit board.


We advise against flashing or updating the stock firmware. New or updated firmware may be the source of a PC or laptop connectivity issue.

Warm Notice:
Wrong use way may damage the control board. Please follow the  instructions:

  1. A 12V (3-second battery) power source is advised.
  2. The camera has to be secured in the head (never to be loosened).
  3. Move the Gopro camera to the left or right until it is horizontally oriented.
  4. Please do not press the “on” button to turn on the camera before it has been fixed in the gimbal.
  5. The gimbal camera needs to be used with a belt tight; else, issues may arise. Additionally, repeatedly doing this will harm the flight controller.

Uses a MOS tube drive with a higher current
Support gimbal motors in the 2–8 series.
Maximum current of 10A
Using the IIC interface and Onboard USB for PC configuration and updating

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