Brake cable for electric scooter (78 inch)

  • Brake cable with an inner wire.
  • The wire will be 78 inches long overall.
  • It includes a nut and a threaded stud.
  • Brake wire Heavy sturdy 78-inch
  • Extended life of the wire and external cable

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A 78-inch brake cable for your electric scooter can be found in various options depending on the specific details of your scooter and brake system. Here’s what you need to consider when searching for the right one:


  • Scooter Brake System: Identify your scooter’s brake system type (e.g., disc brake, drum brake, hydraulic, mechanical).
  • Brake Lever and Caliper Compatibility: Ensure the cable’s end connectors and dimensions match your existing brake lever and caliper.
  • Scooter Model: Knowing your scooter’s model number can help narrow down compatible parts from the manufacturer or retailers.

Cable Specifications:

  • Inner Cable Material: Stainless steel is preferred for durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Outer Casing Material: PVC or Teflon provide flexibility and protection for the inner cable.
  • Cable Thickness: Consider the thickness if it needs to fit specific grooves or channels in your scooter’s frame.
  • Additional Features: Some cables may have pre-lubricated inner cables for smoother operation or reflective elements for added visibility.

Finding the Cable:

  • Online Retailers: Search for “electric scooter brake cable 78 inch” and filter by your scooter model or brake system type.
  • Scooter Manufacturer or Authorized Dealers: They can recommend the right cable for your specific model.
  • Local Bike Shops: Some shops may have compatible cables or can order them for you.


  • Always measure your existing cable (if available) for accurate length comparison.
  • Check online reviews and product descriptions for compatibility and quality assurances.
  • If unsure about any aspect, consult a professional mechanic or your scooter’s manufacturer for guidance.

With the right information and careful selection, you’ll find the perfect 78-inch brake cable to keep your electric scooter running safely and smoothly.

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