Cytron SmartDriveDuo-60 MDDS60 60A (100A peak)

  • Motor Input Voltage: 10 to 45 VDC
  • Maximum current per channel is 60A continuously, with a 100A peak current of one second.
  • Every channel has two manual/test buttons.
  • Each channel has two LEDs for the output indicator.
  • Fit for a sumo or battle robot.
  • Rechargeable Low Power Mode of Monitoring
  • DC Driver for brush motor, not brushless
  • With dual channels, it may blend or drive two brush motors separately.
  • Version 1.10

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The Cytron SmartDriveDuo-60 MDDS60 is an impressive motor driver designed for high-power applications, particularly suited for combat or sumo robots. With its dual-channel support and 60A continuous current capability per channel, it offers robust performance for driving motors in demanding scenarios.

Drawing from the knowledge and feedback gathered from previous models, such as the MD10C, MDD10A, MD30C, MDS40A, MDDS10, and MDS160A, Cytron has developed the SmartDriveDuo-60 with enhanced features and capabilities.

The inclusion of smart features from the MDDS10, along with the higher continuous current capability of 60A per channel, makes the MDDS60 a versatile motor driver suitable for a wide range of applications. The addition of a brushless fan attached to the top cover ensures efficient cooling, maintaining optimal performance even under heavy loads.

Like its predecessors, the MDDS60 supports various control inputs, including RC signals, analog voltage from potentiometers, PWM from microcontrollers, and UART commands, providing flexibility in control methods. The DIP switch configuration allows for easy selection of operation modes, with commonly used configurations conveniently printed on the bottom cover for reference.

Operating at a 16kHz switching frequency, the high-current MOSFETs ensure quiet operation, while the onboard temperature sensor dynamically limits the output current to prevent overheating and damage. With a peak current rating of 100A for 1 second, the MDDS60 can handle sudden spikes in current demand while maintaining stability and reliability.

The inclusion of a 2×3 header pin for RC receiver connectivity simplifies wiring, further streamlining the setup process. Additionally, the MDDS60 supports up to 45V DC input, allowing for the series connection of three SLA batteries to power the motors.

Do use proper wire/cable for battery and motor connection. Think jumper wire/cable cannot support the high current application. We recommend using AWG8 Red and Black multicore wire.
NO polarity protection, please double check the power input connection.
Do use proper cable/wire for the battery and load, thin/normal cable/wire will melt and burn.

MDDS60 is upgraded to Rev1.10. There is a component change in the upgraded version. However, it does not affect the performance or the interface. MDDS60 is shipped in upgraded version based on its availability.

Cytron Smartdriveduo-60 Mdds60 60A (100A Peak) -- Robu


  1. It is DC Brush motor Driver, not for brushless motor
  2. Single power operation just connects power to battery input.
  3. Dual Channels, it can drive two brush motor independently, or mixed.
  4. Operating modes: RC (RC servo signal), Analog, PWM, simplified and packetized UART.
  5. Support Signed magnitude and Locked Anti-phase in PWM mode.
  6. Top cover comes with two DC brushless fans to cool the driver.
  7. Two manual/test buttons for each channel.
  8. Two output indicator LEDs for each channel.
  9. Power, Error indicator, RUN status (Left and Right) LEDs
  10. On board reset button to restart the MCU after changing operation mode.
  11. Temperature feedback for current limit and prevent overheating of MOSFET.
  12. Support up to 60A continuous current at room temperature.
  13. Support up to 100A peak for 1 second. Current will be limited as temperature rises.
  14. Suitable for combat or sumo robot.
  15. 16KHz switching frequency for quiet operation.
  16. Onboard switching voltage regulator for higher power efficiency.
  17. Battery low voltage monitoring mode.
  18. We have tried this driver with single power window motor at 24V, full load without smoke coming out





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