DC-DC converter 10A 36-72V

  • Input: 36-72V
  • Output: 11.5-13V
  • Rated Power: 60W
  • Max Current: 10A
  • Continuous Working Current: 5A
  • Weight: 139g

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The basic DC-DC converter will take the current and pass it through a “switching element”. This turns the signal into a square wave, which is actually AC. The wave then passes through another filter, which turns it back into a DC signal of the appropriate voltage necessary. When there is a magnetic field near wires, it causes the electrons in the wire to flow in a single direction, which we’ve already established as being a direct currents. They flow because they are either attracted or repelled by the magnetic poles. This discovery showed scientists that it was possible to hold energy in a battery and then harness it.

  1. Input Voltage Range: The converter accepts input voltages ranging from 36V to 72V, making it suitable for use with a wide range of power sources such as battery packs, solar panels, or vehicle electrical systems.
  2. Output Voltage: The output voltage of the converter depends on its configuration and application requirements. It could be fixed or adjustable, depending on the specific model. Common output voltages include 12V, 24V, or other customized voltages as needed by the application.
  3. Current Rating: The converter is capable of delivering up to 10A of continuous current to the load. This makes it suitable for powering various devices or subsystems that require moderate to high current levels.
  4. Efficiency: A good quality converter would typically have high efficiency, meaning that it can convert input power to output power with minimal losses. This is particularly important in applications where energy efficiency is a concern, such as electric vehicles or renewable energy systems.
  5. Protection Features: Many DC-DC converters come with built-in protection features such as overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, and thermal shutdown to ensure the safety and reliability of the system.
  6. Cooling: Depending on the power dissipation and thermal characteristics, the converter may require adequate cooling to maintain optimal operating temperatures, especially when operating at higher input voltages or currents.

Applications of a DC-DC converter with these specifications include:

  • Electric Vehicles: Used to power auxiliary systems such as lights, instrumentation, or communication devices from the main battery pack.
  • Industrial Automation: Powering control systems, sensors, and communication modules in industrial machinery.
  • Telecommunications: Powering equipment such as routers, switches, and amplifiers in telecom infrastructure.
  • Renewable Energy Systems: Integrating solar panels or wind turbines into off-grid or grid-tied systems by stepping down voltages to match system requirements.
  • Mobile Power Solutions: Powering electronic devices, lighting systems, or appliances in mobile homes, RVs, or marine applications.

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