• Usage/Application : E Rickshaw
  • Type of Part : Horn
  • Brand : Triple9
  • Shape : Round
  • Adjustable : Yes

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A 1200W motor for an electric vehicle (EV) refers to the power rating of the motor. Here’s some detailed information about it:

Power Rating: The “1200W” designation indicates the power output of the motor, measured in watts. In this case, it suggests that the motor is capable of delivering up to 1200 watts of mechanical power to drive the vehicle.

Motor Type: The motor could belong to various types, such as:

  1. Brushed DC Motor: These motors have been traditionally used in many EV applications due to their simplicity and affordability.
  2. Brushless DC Motor (BLDC): BLDC motors are becoming increasingly popular in EVs due to their higher efficiency, reliability, and smoother operation compared to brushed motors.
  3. AC Induction Motor: Another common type used in EVs, known for its robustness and high torque capabilities.

Performance: The power rating of the motor, in this case, 1200W, gives an indication of its performance capabilities. Higher wattage generally corresponds to more power output, which can result in faster acceleration and higher top speeds, depending on other factors such as the vehicle’s weight, gearing, and battery capacity.

Applications: A 1200W motor might be suitable for various types of electric vehicles, including e-bikes, electric scooters, small electric cars, or even certain types of electric motorcycles or recreational vehicles.


  1. Efficiency: While power output is essential, so is efficiency. A more efficient motor will help extend the range of the electric vehicle by using the available energy more effectively.
  2. Heat Dissipation: Higher power motors generate more heat, so it’s crucial to ensure adequate cooling or heat dissipation mechanisms to prevent overheating and ensure the motor’s longevity.
  3. Compatibility: When selecting a motor for an EV, it’s essential to consider factors such as voltage compatibility, mounting requirements, and controller compatibility to ensure seamless integration into the vehicle’s drivetrain system.

Overall, a 1200W motor can provide sufficient power for various electric vehicle applications, offering a balance between performance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

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