• Power – 900 Watt
  • Input Voltage – 48V
  • Type Of Motor – BLDC
  • No Load Current – 23A
  • Usage/Application – E-RICKSHAW AND E-LOADER​

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The model of the electric vehicle is not specified, but it features an aluminum body.

Body Material:

The body of the electric vehicle is made of aluminum. Aluminum is commonly used in vehicle manufacturing due to its lightweight nature, which can improve energy efficiency and overall performance. It also offers good corrosion resistance, which is beneficial for durability, especially in electric vehicles that may be exposed to various weather conditions.

Motor: The electric vehicle is equipped with an original CY motor rated at 900 watts. This motor is responsible for converting electrical energy from the battery into mechanical energy to propel the vehicle forward. A 900-watt motor indicates a moderate power output, suitable for smaller electric vehicles such as scooters, electric bikes, or small electric cars designed for urban commuting or light-duty tasks.


With a 900-watt motor, the electric vehicle likely offers decent acceleration and cruising speeds suitable for urban environments or short-distance commuting. However, its top speed and range may be limited compared to vehicles with higher-powered motors.

**Features:** Additional features of the electric vehicle could include a battery pack, electronic control systems, regenerative braking, LED lighting, digital displays for speed and battery level, and various safety features such as disc brakes and suspension systems depending on the specific model and design.


This electric vehicle would be ideal for short-distance commuting, running errands within the city, or as a recreational vehicle for leisurely rides. Its lightweight aluminum body and moderate power output make it efficient and maneuverable in urban environments while providing a sustainable transportation option with zero tailpipe emissions.

It sounds like you’re talking about an electric vehicle (EV) with an aluminum body and an original CY motor rated at 900 watts. Aluminum bodies are often favored in EVs for their lightweight properties, which can improve efficiency and range. A 900-watt motor suggests it’s likely a smaller vehicle, perhaps a scooter or a smaller electric bike, as higher-powered EVs typically have motors rated in kilowatts (kW).

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