An EV fire cylinder with a 500ml capacity is an essential safety component for electric vehicles, providing an additional layer of protection against fires caused by electrical faults or malfunctions. It helps to enhance the safety of EV occupants and mitigate the risk of fire-related damage to the vehicle.

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An “EV fire cylinder 500ml” likely refers to a fire suppression system designed specifically for electric vehicles (EVs). Here’s what you might expect from such a product:

  1. Fire Suppression System: The fire cylinder is part of a fire suppression system installed in an electric vehicle to extinguish fires quickly and efficiently.
  2. Size: The “500ml” specification indicates the volume of the fire cylinder, which is the amount of fire suppressant agent it contains. In this case, it holds 500 milliliters of the suppressant.
  3. Suppressant Agent: The fire cylinder contains a specialized suppressant agent designed to extinguish fires associated with electric vehicle components, such as batteries, wiring, or electronics. The suppressant may be a dry chemical, foam, or other agent suitable for use on electrical fires.
  4. Automatic Activation: In the event of a fire or high-temperature event, the fire suppression system may feature automatic activation mechanisms that trigger the release of the suppressant agent from the fire cylinder. This helps to quickly contain and extinguish the fire before it spreads.
  5. Manual Activation: Some fire suppression systems also include manual activation options, allowing occupants or emergency responders to manually trigger the release of the suppressant agent if needed.
  6. Installation: The fire cylinder is typically installed in a secure location within the electric vehicle, such as the engine compartment or battery compartment, where it can quickly deploy the suppressant agent to the source of the fire.
  7. Safety Compliance: Fire suppression systems for electric vehicles must comply with relevant safety standards and regulations to ensure their effectiveness and reliability in emergency situations.

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