FlySky FS-i6 2.4G 6CH PPM RC Transmitter With FS-iA6B Receiver

  1. Bandwidth (KHz): 500.
  2. RF Range (GHz): 2.40 ~ 2.48.
  3. No. of channels: 6.
  4. Remote controller weight (gm): 400.
  5. Power: 6V (1.5V AA*4).
  6. Antenna Length: 26mm * 2 (dual antenna).
  7. Transmitting Power: ≤ 20dBm.
  8. RF Receiver Sensitivity: -105dbm.

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A transmitter is one of the most crucial parts while using a drone. It uses radio signals to wirelessly transmit commands to a radio receiver, which is connected to an aircraft or multirotor that is being remotely controlled. Without it, you cannot fly a multirotor.

This is the FlySky FS-iA6B Receiver and 2.4G 6CH PPM RC Transmitter. This is an excellent radio for individuals who are new to the world of drone piloting.

Above all, you receive a sleek, contemporary radio transmitter that weighs slightly less than 400 grammes and fits well in your hands. On long flights, it won’t put your arm strength to the test. This radio’s 3-position switch makes it incredibly useful as well. For different flap locations and flight modes, it includes two movable knobs.

This kit includes the new FS-iA6B receiver. This is a small 6-channel receiver that can also detect signals over 500 metres away. For superior reception and interference rejection capabilities, it has two antennas.

Because each transmitter has a distinct ID, the receiver retains this ID when binding and only accepts data from that transmitter. In addition to avoiding picking up other transmitter signals, this also significantly reduces inference and boosts safety.


Telemetry-capable entry-level 2.4GHz radio with six channels.
Switches for dual rates, trims, gear, flap, gyro gain adjustment, flight mode, throttle hold, and hover pitch.

Programming and navigation buttons are simple to use.
Supports V-Tail, Elevon, Heli, and Standard Wing.
20 Model Memory.
Model name with eight characters.
ports for charging and trainers.
The transmitter and receiver voltage are shown in real time on the backlit LCD screen.
Selectable Stick Mode No. 4.
Mode 2.
There is a receiver included.

Specification for the flysky fs-i6 transmitter:
Model Type: Aeroplane, Heli, Glider; Band: 142

2.4 GHz System: GFSK DSC and AFHDS 2A Code Type PS2 port; PPM output
Battery Port: Not an ANT length (dual antenna): 26 mm by 2
Online revision: Indeed
Accreditation: CE0678, FCC
Memory Model: 20 Channel Order: Throttle: CH3, Rudder: CH4, Elevator: CH2, Aileron: CH1, and Ch 5 & 6 are assignable to different duties.

Receiver Specifications for FS-iA6B:
Channel: 6; 2.4055–2.475 GHz is the frequency range.

Number of Band Width: 140
Power Transmitted: < 20 dBm.
Sensitivity of the RF receiver: 105 dBm.
2.4G Mode: An improved automated FM digital technology, in its second iteration.
GFSK encoding.
Dual antenna, measuring 2 x 26 mm in length.
Power Input: 4.0 to 8.4 VDC (2A).
Dimensions: 26.2 x 15 x 47 mm
14.9 g in weight.
Interface for Data Acquisition: In the affirmative.
Model Type: Helicopter, Glider, and Aeroplane.
Transmitter compatibility: FS-i4, FS-i6, FS-i10, FS-GT2E, FS-GT2G are all compatible.

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