FrSky Tandem X20S ACCESS 900M/2.4GHz Radio Transmitter with TDR6 Receiver

  1. Operating Voltage Range: 6.5 ~ 8.4V (2S Li-battery)
  2. Operating Current: 240mA 7.4V (typ.)
  3. Built-in 6-axis Gyroscope Sensor
  4. Default Operating Mode: Mode 2 (Left-Hand Throttle).
  5. Built-in TD 900M/2.4G Dual-Band Internal RF Module
  6. Supports Multiple Working Modes
  7. Supports Recharge System for 2S Li-ion Battery (USB Type-C Interface)
  8. High-speed PARA Wireless Training System (Compatible with FreeLink App3.0)
  9. ETHOS: The more powerful, Flexible and Intuitive OS for your radio.

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The Tandem X20 is a groundbreaking dual-band radio transmitter. It incorporates numerous new features, including an ergonomic design that offers unmatched comfort in the hand, and a colour touch screen, by drawing on user input and experience from earlier radios. Regarding the radio frequency (RF) aspect, we have equipped it with the potent TD dual RF system, which goes beyond merely restating the features of the combined FRSKY 900MHz and 2.4GHz RF systems.

The TD’s remarkable and unrivalled end-to-end 4ms latency is made possible by its actual simultaneous dual-band remote control and telemetry capabilities. The brand-new ETHOS system that comes with this radio gives users a strong, versatile, and user-friendly interface to enhance their enjoyment of the hobby.

Displays with 800 x 480 colour touch screens
Two momentary buttons on the back and six quick-mode custom buttons on the front
External Module Bay Lite Type
6-axis Gyroscope Sensor Integrated Into All CNC Metal Trims & Knobs
Voice speech outputs and alerts for haptic vibrations
Supports for External Antennas Warning SWR indicator Supports 2S Li-ion Battery Recharge System with USB Type-C Interface
Rapid-fire PARA Wireless Instruction System (Works with FreeLink App 3.0)
Superior Accuracy Hall-Sensor Gimbals with an All-CNC Metal Panel
ETHOS: Your radio’s more potent, adaptable, and user-friendly operating system.

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