Havells Plastic 16A 30mA PRCD Plug Top (White)

Colour:              White

Pattern Name: PRCD Plug Top

Brand               :Havells

Material          :Plastic

Connector Type :Plug In

Amperage          :16 Amps

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The Havells Plastic 16A 30mA PRCD Plug Top is an electrical safety device commonly used to protect against electric shock caused by faults in electrical appliances or wiring. Here’s a breakdown of its features and how it works:

  1. PRCD (Portable Residual Current Device): The PRCD is a type of Residual Current Device (RCD) designed for portable use. It provides additional protection against electric shock in situations where a standard RCD might not be feasible.
  2. Rated Current: The device has a rated current of 16A, meaning it can handle electrical loads of up to 16 amps.
  3. Sensitivity: The PRCD has a sensitivity of 30mA. This means it will trip (disconnect power) if it detects a residual current of 30 milliamps or higher, which is well below the threshold for human perception and potentially dangerous electric shock.
  4. Plug Top Design: It is designed to be plugged into a standard electrical outlet, providing a convenient and portable solution for electrical safety.
  5. Construction: The plug top is made of plastic, which is a common material for electrical devices due to its insulation properties and durability.
  6. Color: The plug top is white, which is a standard color for electrical accessories and blends well with most environments.
  7. Use Cases: PRCD plug tops are commonly used in environments where electrical safety is paramount, such as construction sites, workshops, and outdoor events. They provide an additional layer of protection for users when using portable electrical equipment.
  8. Testing and Maintenance: Like all electrical safety devices, PRCD plug tops should be regularly tested and maintained to ensure they are functioning correctly. This may involve periodic testing using a calibrated test instrument and visual inspection for signs of damage or wear.
  • Protect your loved ones from unforeseen electric shocks with the
  • new Havells Shocksafe Plug & Adaptor
  • Equipped with a safety shutter socket along with an auto trip feature which shuts off your appliance if it detects any current leakage
  • Havells Shocksafe is the smartest wayto have a shockproof life
  • C 16A Double Pole MCB or 16A fuse must be used as a backup protection for Overload6IEC: 61540 recommend that PRCD should not be considered as a sole means of protection it is essential to provide proper earthingand all parts of the system should be properly insulated
  • PRCD does not eliminate the risk of electric shock but limits duration of passage of current through human body to such a short time probabilities of a lethal effect are reduce to a minimum
  • Country of Origin: India


Note :
  • Incomer for shocksafe should be wired with overload protection (MCB)
  • In an unfortunate event of an accident the RCD (residual current device) will cut the power
  • It is important, though, that it is plugged directly into the socket and that any extension lead
    is then plugged into the adapter rather than placing the adapter between
    extension reel and tool.
  • Adaptor application will be universal & not limited to a single appliance.
• Engineered Double pole switching
• 16A plug with in-build RCD
• Shuttered socket for child safety
• Auto trip & visual indication of Power
• Built in TEST & RESET Buttons
• Compliance to IEC 61540
• Compact size
• Blister packing
Technical Specification
• Pulse current sensitive
• Rated 16A / 250 VAC 50 Hz / 3000 Watts
• Inc 1.5 kA at 240V
• 30 mA Residual Current Trip Levels
• Less than 40mS trip response time for ground
fault and grounded neutral trip
• IP40 protection
• Lighted power on indication

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