The charger has an Auto Cutoff facility when it reaches full charge voltage. Electric bike/cycle generally consists of hub motor or chain drive type BLDC or brush DC motor. 84V Battery Pack at Full charge condition reaches approx 84V. This charger has LED indicators that allow the user to monitor battery charging conditions. Charger’s LED will glow once the battery is fully charged.

The user needs to disconnect the battery from the charger once the led glows. Charging Time in Hours = (Total Battery Amp Rating / Charger Amp Ratings ) charging state, turn red: during charge, green: full charge

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72v 5/6Amps lithium-ion (84v) Fast Auto Cutoff E-Bike, Scooty, Lithium Battery Charger with Indian Plug This 84V 5/6A lithium-ion battery pack charger is good quality and easy to use.

  1. Voltage Compatibility: The charger is compatible with lithium-ion batteries rated at 72 volts (V) and 84 volts (V). This voltage range is common in EVs and e-bikes powered by lithium-ion batteries.
  2. Amperage Output: The charger provides a charging current of 5 or 6 amperes (A). Amperage represents the rate at which electric current flows into the battery during charging. A higher amperage typically results in faster charging times.
  3. Fast Charging: With its 5 or 6-ampere output, the charger is capable of fast charging, enabling quicker recharge times compared to standard chargers with lower amperage ratings.
  4. Auto Cutoff Feature: The charger is equipped with an automatic cutoff feature, which activates when the battery reaches full charge. This feature prevents overcharging, helping to extend the lifespan of the battery and ensure safe charging.
  5. Compatibility: The charger is suitable for use with various EVs and e-bikes equipped with lithium-ion batteries, provided they operate within the specified voltage and amperage range.
  6. Convenience: The automatic cutoff feature adds convenience by eliminating the need for manual monitoring during the charging process. Once the battery is fully charged, the charger automatically stops supplying power, reducing energy consumption and the risk of overcharging.
  7. Safety: The charger is designed with safety features to protect against overcharging, short circuits, and other potential hazards. These safety measures help ensure safe and reliable charging operations.

Overall, the EV lithium-ion charger with fast charging capability and auto cutoff feature offers efficient and convenient charging for EVs and e-bikes, enhancing user experience and battery longevity.

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