Mid drive BLDC Motor 48v 1500watt For E rickshaw

Sort: BLDC Vehicle
Permanent Magnet construction
DC motor with brushless commutation
48V is the voltage (V)
Peak torque: 965 kg-cm; sustained torque: 640 kg-cm
Constant Speed (2320 RPM)
Maximum speed in rpm: 2470 rpm

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A mid-drive BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) motor rated at 48V and 1500W would be a powerful and efficient choice for an e-rickshaw, providing ample torque and speed for various operating conditions. Here are some considerations regarding this motor:

  1. Power and Voltage: A 1500W motor is robust enough to handle the demands of an e-rickshaw, providing sufficient power for acceleration and climbing hills. The 48V voltage rating indicates the battery pack’s nominal voltage required for optimal operation.
  2. Torque: Mid-drive motors typically offer good torque characteristics, making them suitable for applications like e-rickshaws, where torque is essential for starting from a stop and carrying heavy loads. Ensure that the motor provides enough torque to handle the weight of the e-rickshaw and its passengers.
  3. Cooling: Given the power output, it’s essential to consider cooling mechanisms to prevent overheating during extended operation periods or under heavy loads. Adequate cooling can help maintain performance and extend the motor’s lifespan.
  4. Controller Compatibility: Pair the motor with a compatible motor controller designed to handle its voltage and power requirements. The controller should offer features such as variable speed control and regenerative braking, enhancing overall performance and efficiency.
  5. Battery Compatibility: Use a battery pack with a nominal voltage of 48V and sufficient capacity to provide the necessary energy for your e-rickshaw. Consider factors such as range, charging time, and battery lifespan when selecting a battery.
  6. Safety and Legal Compliance: Ensure that your e-rickshaw complies with safety regulations and legal requirements in your region, including vehicle speed limits and other relevant standards for electric vehicles.
  7. Installation and Maintenance: Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for installing and maintaining the motor to ensure proper operation and longevity. Regular maintenance checks can help identify issues early and prevent costly repairs.

When integrating this motor into your e-rickshaw, consider consulting with a professional or experienced technician to ensure proper installation and configuration for optimal performance and safety.

Mid drive BLDC Motor 48v 1500watt For E rickshaw This Full Kit includes a 48V 1500W BLDC Geared motor and a compatible E-bike controller designed to run motors up to 1500 Watts.

This kit has all the necessary items to build your brand new bikes, scooters, and tricycles and to save your efforts in looking out for all compatible products and you can get it in just one go at a reasonable cost.

This full-fledge combination of motor and controller is Universal for bikes, scooters, and tricycles.

Mid drive BLDC Motor 48v 1500watt For E rickshaw

48V 1500W motor kit For E-bike High-Quality BLDC Motor Electric Scooter Bike Tricycle Gear Motor Electric Rickshaw Brushless Motor E-tricycle Motor This item is a brushless motor for an electric tricycle.


  • Type: BLDC Motor
  • Construction: Permanent Magnet
  • Commutation:Brushless DC motor
  • Voltage(V): 48V
  • continuous torque: 640 Kg-cm
  • peak torque: 965 Kg-cm
  • Continuous  Speed(RPM): 2320RPM
  • peak Speed(RPM): 2470RPM
  • Continuous  Output Power:1519W
  • peak Output Power:1920W
  • Grade of protection: IP33
  • Usage:E Rickshaw / Electric Tricycle / Activa (like scooter)
  • Continuous current (A): 38.5A
  • peak current (A) : 48.5A

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