MP005777-Radial Power Inductor

  • 300nH inductance
  • Unshielded Inductor Construction
  • (Irms) RMS Current: 43A
  • 50A is the saturation current (Isat).

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The specification “MP005777 Radial LED inductor, 300 nH, 43 A Irms, 50 A Isat, 650 µohm, ±15%” describes a specific type of inductor. Let’s break down each part of the specification:

  1. MP005777: This is likely a part number or model number assigned by the manufacturer to uniquely identify this particular inductor.
  2. Radial: This refers to the lead configuration of the inductor. “Radial” means that the leads are both located on one end of the component, typically extending outward from the cylindrical body.
  3. LED inductor: This designation suggests that the inductor is designed for use in LED lighting applications, although it’s not explicitly clear from the provided information what specific features make it suitable for LED use.
  4. 300 nH: This indicates the inductance value of the inductor, which is 300 nanohenries (nH). Inductance represents the ability of the inductor to store energy in a magnetic field when current flows through it.
  5. 43 A Irms: This specifies the maximum root mean square (Irms) current rating of the inductor, which is 43 amps. This is the maximum continuous current that the inductor can handle without exceeding a certain temperature rise.
  6. 50 A Isat: This denotes the saturation current rating of the inductor, which is 50 amps. Saturation current is the point at which the inductor’s core becomes saturated, causing a significant decrease in inductance.
  7. 650 µohm: This represents the DC resistance (DCR) of the inductor, which is 650 microohms (µΩ). DCR is the resistance of the wire coil in the inductor, which dissipates power and causes voltage drop when current flows through it.
  8. ±15%: This indicates the tolerance of the inductor’s specified values. In this case, it means that the actual values of inductance, current ratings, and resistance may vary by up to 15% from the specified values.

Overall, this specification provides detailed information about the inductor’s inductance, current ratings, resistance, lead configuration, and intended application. It’s suitable for applications where high currents and low inductance values are required, such as in power supply circuits or LED lighting systems.


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