Nylon 8mm Expandable Braided Sleeve for Wire Protection-2M Length

  • Excellent for encircling ground/power cables.
  • Shield cables from abrasion and extreme heat.
  • Extend the cable’s useful life.
  • Incredibly flexible.
  • Incredibly large (150% of initial size).
  • Provides a tidy install and a pleasing appearance.
  • Application: Moving Assemblies Bundle Wiring

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The Nylon 8mm Expandable Braided Sleeve for Wire Protection-2M Length is perfect for identifying, decorating, protecting cables and wires, and providing insulation. aid in organising and maintaining the cable wire harness. PA 6.6 material, expandable, and softer than pet sleeves.

The braided nylon sleeve/nylon mesh tube for wire protection is made for sturdy PET monofilament yarns. It shields fishing rods, cable assemblies, hoses, and wire bundles against abrasion and damage brought on by frequent usage and abuse.

Because of its ventilation through the braided structure, nylon material prevents humidity and shields the wires from damage caused by heat from both the inside and outside.

The braided sleeve’s distinct physical weaving allows for a great expansion ratio, similar to that of a python, which can expand up to 150% of its original diameter. This makes the sleeve flexible and allows for adequate airflow to prevent moisture and humidity buildup.

A wide variety of braided sleeves in different diameters are available at Ibots. Examine the options in the category and select the one that best fits the needs of your project.

Key Benefit
  1. Easy Application All braided sleeving products are designed for the easy application on bundles while adjusting to fluctuations in bundle size and shape.
  2. Superior Protection In addition to abrasion protection, most braided sleeving products also provide protection against chemicals, salts, solvents, de-icing fluids and petroleum products. Speciality braided sleeving models also provide protection against flame, heat and/or electromagnetic interference.
  3. Enhanced Appearance Braided sleeving products wrap around varying bundle shapes, sizes and colours to provide an aesthetically pleasing uniform look and appearance.

It is commonly used in Robotics moving assembly like 3D Printers, Humanoid Robots and many more electrical and industrial wire harnessing applications where economy and durability are required for the protection of wires, cables, tubing, bundles and pneumatic hoses

Features :

  1. Light Weight & Flexible.
  2. Expandable type, Easy to Install, remove. Even if some with bulky or large connectors.
  3. Heavy environmental effect resistance
  4. Totally expanded the sleeving can reach 150% than the initial dimension.
  5. Lasts longer than cable ties
  6. Very lightweight and hence reduce harness weight
  7. Easy access to breakouts
  8. High resistance to heat, up to 125°C and Self-extinguishing
  9. Retains its shape after bending or crushing
  10. Small curvature radius
  11. Resistance to the chemical agents
  12. Obstruction-free cable grooming
  13. Will not burn, melt or support combustion
  14. Heavy duty and flexible
  15. Super strength for flame, cut, and high abrasion resistance

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