Sabertooth Dual 12A Motor Driver

  • 12A constant, 25A maximum for each channel Synchronous regenerative drive with up to 24V
  • Ultrasonic frequency of switching
  • Protection against overcurrent and heat
  • Mode of lithium protection
  • Maximum Current (A): 25 A
  • Current Constant (A): 12
  • Voltage required for operation (VDC): 18–24V
  • Two channels in total

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The Sabertooth Dual 12A Motor Driver stands out as a highly versatile, efficient, and user-friendly dual motor controller available in the market. It’s designed to handle medium-powered robots, capable of supporting up to 30lbs in combat or 100lbs for general-purpose robotics.

Replacing Dimension Engineering’s Sabertooth 2X10 R/C, the Sabertooth Dual 12A 6V-24V R/C Regenerative Motor Driver is tailor-made for radio-controlled vehicles, including robots, cars, and boats. Right out of the box, it empowers two DC brushed motors with up to 12A each, with peak currents reaching 25A for brief periods. Its built-in overcurrent and thermal protection ensure worry-free operation, safeguarding against accidental stalls or connecting oversized motors.

Offering multiple control options including analog voltage, radio control, serial, and packetized serial, the Sabertooth enables the creation of diverse robotic projects with increasing complexity over time. With independent and speed+direction operating modes, it’s particularly well-suited for differential drive (tank style) robots and more.

Configuring the operating mode is hassle-free thanks to the onboard DIP switches, eliminating the risk of losing jumpers. Additionally, featuring screw terminal connectors, the Sabertooth facilitates easy assembly without the need for soldering.

As the first synchronous regenerative motor driver in its class, the Sabertooth recharges batteries whenever the robot slows down or reverses, providing an energy-efficient solution. It also allows for rapid stops and reversals, giving your robot agility and responsiveness.

It’s strongly advised to avoid using cheap AC adapters with these motor drivers; instead, opt for a battery or at least include a battery in parallel with a DC supply for optimal performance and safety.

Connection Diagram

robu 2 4


  1. Combat robots up to 30lb
  2. Normal and hobby robots up to 100lb
  3. Differential drive robots
  4. Electric vehicles, ride-on toys, scooters
  5. Easy speed/direction control for pumps
  6. Conveyors, automation and any application that uses two brushed DC motors


  1. 12A continuous, 25A peak per channel Up to 24V in
  2. Synchronous regenerative drive
  3. Ultra-sonic switching frequency
  4. Thermal and overcurrent protection
  5. Lithium protection mode
  6. Input modes: Analog, R/C, simplified serial, packetized serial


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