Waveshare Solar Power Manager (C) Supports 3x 18650 Batteries Multi Protection Circuits

  • supports the MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) feature, which increases the solar panel’s efficiency.
  • Adaptable battery recharge via USB Type-C power adapter and solar panel
  • Compatible with screw terminal or DC-002 jack input, 6V–24V solar panels
  • Stylishly finished, heavy-duty aluminium body with several status LEDs
  • By taking off the lid, replacing the batteries is simple.

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Do you want to use your 18650 Li-Ion battery cells to create your own DIY power bank? Then you want to have a look at this 3-in-1 Waveshare Solar Power Manager (C) with Multiple Protection Circuits and Support for Three 18650 Batteries. This fully completed photovoltaic panel (PB) is compatible with dynamic 6V–24V solar panel inputs and has a robust aluminium housing with an elegant appearance. The three 18650 rechargeable Li-ion batteries can be charged using a solar panel or any 5V DC power adapter connected to a USB Type-C connection. Its output side features a 5V/3A regulated output that supports multiple protocols, such as PD/QC/FCP/PE/SFCP, and can quickly charge a mobile phone at a rate of 15W.

Waveshare Waveshare Solar Power Manager C Supports 3X18650 Batteries Multi Protection Circuits 6

The module features MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) function and multi-protection circuits, therefore, it is able to keep operating with high efficiency, stability, and safety. Waveshare Solar Power Manager (C) Supports 3x 18650 Batteries Multi Protection Circuits is suitable for solar-powered, low-power IoT, and other environmental protection projects.

Note: This Power Bank is compatible with 3 x 18650 Lithium-ion cells. (Not included in Package)

Capacity indicators:


Battery capacityLED1LED2LED3LED4

How to use:

  1. Turn the switch to ON and press the BOOT button. The LEDs will turn on and indicate the capacity.
  2. Connect the solar panel to DC-002 or the screw terminal with the adapter. If the connection is correct, the Solar Charger indicator turns on. If you reverse the connection, the Solar Warning indicator will turn on. The Solar Done indicator will turn on if the battery is fully charged and turns off the Solar Charge indicator.
  3. If you connect the power adapter to the TYPE-C interface, the Quick LED indicates the fast charge mode. The LED is off if your charger doesn’t support a fast charge. The indicators of capacity flashing when charging and turn off when fully charging.
  4. The Type-C interface can only be used for discharging, you can connect it to power other USB devices.
  5. USB -OUT interface can be used for powering other USB devices.


  1. Supports MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) function, maximizing the efficiency of the solar panel
  2. Flexible battery recharging: from solar panel or USB TYPE-C power adapter
  3. Compatible with 6V~24V solar panels, DC-002 jack input or screw terminal input
  4. Onboard MPPT SET switch, select the level closed to input level to improve recharging efficiency
  5. An onboard aluminium electrolytic capacitor and SMD ceramic capacitor, reducing the ripple, stable performance
  6. Embedded battery holder, supports 3x 18650 rechargeable Li-ion batteries
  7. Several LED indicators, for monitoring the status of solar panel and battery
  8. Multi-protection circuits: overcharge / over-discharge / reverse-proof / overheat / over current, stable and safe to use


Caution: DO NOT put any non-rechargeable battery, like dry cell, into the battery holder. Serious consequences including explosions may occur if you try to charge a non-rechargeable battery.

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