36V 10Ah Lithium ion (NMC) battery pack, feel free to contact for extra mileage of your electric bicycle, higher life cycle, customized features and extra ordinary battery related inquiry.

The “EV 36V 10AH NMC Battery” likely refers to an electric vehicle (EV) battery with a voltage rating of 36 volts and a capacity of 10 ampere-hours (AH), utilizing Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC) chemistry. NMC batteries are commonly used in electric vehicles due to their high energy density, good thermal stability, and long cycle life. This particular specification indicates the voltage, capacity, and type of chemistry used in the battery, which are important factors for determining its performance and compatibility with electric vehicles or other applications.

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The EV 36V 10AH NMC battery is a type of lithium-ion battery commonly used in electric vehicles (EVs), e-bikes, and other electric-powered applications. Here’s what each part of the specification refers to:

– **EV**: Indicates it’s designed for electric vehicles, meaning it’s optimized for high energy density, durability, and safety, crucial factors for vehicles.

– **36V**: Denotes the voltage of the battery. Voltage is a measure of electric potential difference, indicating the force that drives electric current through a circuit. A 36V battery is suitable for many electric vehicles and e-bikes, offering a balance between power and efficiency.

– **10AH**: Stands for 10 ampere-hours, which represents the capacity of the battery. It’s a measure of the total charge the battery can deliver in one hour. In simple terms, higher ampere-hours mean the battery can supply more energy, allowing for longer usage between charges.

– **NMC**: Stands for Nickel Manganese Cobalt, which refers to the cathode composition of the battery. NMC batteries offer a good balance between energy density, power capability, and lifespan, making them a popular choice for electric vehicles and other high-performance applications.

This type of battery is known for its relatively high energy density, good cycle life, and stable performance, making it a common choice for electric vehicles and other portable electronic devices.

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