– **Voltage**: 36 volts
– **Capacity**: 8 ampere-hours (8Ah)
– **Enclosure**: Dolphin case
– **Battery Chemistry**: Lithium-ion

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It sounds like you’re describing an electric vehicle (EV) battery pack,

Here’s a breakdown of each component:

1. **Voltage (V)**: This refers to the electrical potential difference between two points in the battery pack, measured in volts. In this case, the battery pack operates at a nominal voltage of 36 volts. The voltage directly impacts the performance and power output of the electric vehicle.

2. **Capacity (Ah)**: Capacity indicates the amount of charge the battery can store and deliver over time, measured in ampere-hours (Ah). A battery with an 8Ah capacity can theoretically deliver a current of 1 ampere for 8 hours, 8 amperes for 1 hour, or any other combination that equals 8Ah. The capacity determines the range and duration of operation for the electric vehicle.

3. **Enclosure (Dolphin Case)**: The Dolphin case is a specific type of enclosure used to house the battery pack. It’s designed to be durable, waterproof, and often features a sleek, streamlined shape resembling a dolphin, hence the name. The enclosure protects the battery cells and electronic components from environmental factors and physical damage.

4. **Battery Chemistry (Lithium-ion)**: Lithium-ion batteries are commonly used in electric vehicles due to their high energy density, lightweight, and long cycle life. They offer a good balance of energy storage capacity and power output. Lithium-ion batteries are known for their reliability and efficiency, making them a popular choice for EV applications.

This configuration is typical for many electric bikes, scooters, and small electric vehicles where a balance between compact size, lightweight design, and sufficient power output is required. The 36V 8Ah Dolphin case with a lithium-ion battery pack provides a good combination of range, performance, and durability for such applications.

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