48V 350W Hub motor with tyre 12 inch with Dummy Wheel

This is an electric bicycle hub motor (e-bike hub motor), 48V wheel motor for e-bike scooter motorcycle cycling hub conversion kit, including a 12 inch tyre and dummy wheel. The most prevalent kind of motor found in less expensive E-bikes is the hub drive motor, which is built into either the front or rear wheel. Although the latter is more typical, some bikes even have engines mounted on both wheels. A hub drive functions without relying on your bike’s gears to directly apply torque to the wheel.

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  1. Voltage (48V): This indicates the operating voltage of the motor. A 48V motor typically provides more power compared to a 24V motor, allowing for faster acceleration and higher speeds.
  2. Power (350W): This specifies the power rating of the motor, measured in watts (W). A 350W motor is suitable for light to moderate use, such as commuting or recreational riding. It provides a balance between power and energy efficiency.
  3. Hub Motor: This refers to the type of motor where the rotating part (the rotor) is housed inside the wheel hub. Hub motors are popular in electric bicycles because they offer a compact and integrated solution.
  4. 12-inch Tire: The tire size indicates the diameter of the wheel where the motor is installed. A 12-inch tire is relatively small and is often used in compact electric bicycles or scooters.
  5. Dummy Wheel: A dummy wheel refers to a non-functional wheel that is attached to the opposite side of the hub motor. It serves to balance the appearance of the bicycle and provide stability.

Here are some considerations when using a 48V 350W hub motor with a 12-inch tire and dummy wheel:

  • Power and Speed: The 48V voltage and 350W power rating provide sufficient power for moderate-speed commuting or leisurely rides. However, the actual speed and performance depend on factors such as rider weight, terrain, and bike configuration.
  • Battery Compatibility: Ensure that your battery pack voltage matches the motor’s operating voltage (48V) for optimal performance. Using a lower or higher voltage battery may affect the motor’s performance and efficiency.
  • Controller Compatibility: Choose a motor controller that is compatible with the motor’s voltage and power rating. The controller regulates the power delivery to the motor and affects its performance characteristics.
  • Installation and Maintenance: Properly install the motor and tire according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Regular maintenance, such as tire inflation and checking for loose connections, helps ensure safe and efficient operation.

Geared hub motors operate like direct-drive hub motors, except that within the hub, there’s an electric motor that spins at a much higher speed. That motor’s shaft connects to a series of planetary gears that connect to the hub, turning the center at a lower speed.


1. Motor type: 12-inch brushless toothless hub wheel motor

2. Rated power:350W
3. Rated voltage: 48V
4. Speed:20~ 40KM / H
5. Speed/RPM:450RPM
6. Diameter:275mm
7. Open Size: 140mm
8. Motor Weight:3.5KG
9. Load Weight: 100 -150KG
10. Brake: electronic brake, disc brakes (optional)
11.Tires :12X2.125 / 2.5
12. Waterproof: IP54
13.Application :electric scooter, folding electric car ,bike,e-motorcycle,ebike ,front/rear-drive


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