48V 750W motor kit For E-bike

48V 750W motor kit For E-bike High-Quality BLDC Motor Electric Scooter Bike Tricycle Gear Motor Electric Rickshaw Brushless Motor E-tricycle Motor This item is a brushless motor for an electric tricycle. Model BM1418ZXF With Cooling Fan The cooling fan prevents the motor from heat Low-Speed Permanent Magnet Motor – Low speed with large torque.

  • Rated Operating Voltage: 48V
  • Rated Power: 750W
  • No Load Current: 4.2A
  • Rated Current: 13.4A
  • Efficiency: 80%
  • Gear Ratio: 6:1
  • No Load Speed: 500 RPM
  • Rated Torque: 102Kg-cm
  • Rated Speed: 400 RPM

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For a 48V 750W motor kit for an e-bike, you have a wide range of options available. Here are some considerations and steps you might take to find the right kit:

  1. Research and Comparison: Look online for e-bike motor kits from various manufacturers or suppliers. Compare their specifications, prices, and customer reviews to find the best option for your needs.
  2. Compatibility: Ensure that the motor kit is compatible with your bike frame and wheel size. Some kits may be designed for specific types of bikes or wheel sizes, so double-check compatibility before making a purchase.
  3. Battery Compatibility: Consider the compatibility of the motor kit with your existing or planned battery system. A 48V motor requires a 48V battery pack, so make sure your battery voltage matches the motor voltage.
  4. Installation Ease: Look for motor kits that come with clear installation instructions and all the necessary hardware. Kits that are easy to install can save you time and hassle during the conversion process.
  5. Quality and Warranty: Choose a motor kit from a reputable manufacturer that offers good quality components and a warranty. This can provide peace of mind knowing that you’re investing in a reliable product.
  6. Additional Features: Some motor kits may come with extra features such as pedal-assist sensors, throttle controls, or LCD displays for monitoring speed and battery level. Consider whether these features are important to you and choose a kit that meets your preferences.
  7. Local Regulations: Be aware of any local regulations or restrictions regarding e-bike motor power and speed limits. Make sure the motor kit you choose complies with these regulations to avoid any legal issues.

Some popular manufacturers and suppliers of e-bike motor kits include Bafang, Tongsheng, and Ebikeling. These companies offer a variety of motor kits suitable for different types of e-bikes and riding preferences.

What is a Mid-Drive Motor

A mid-drive motor is located in the middle of the bike in between the pedals at the bike’s bottom bracket and is designed to drive the cranks or pedals and transfer the motor’s power to the rear wheel via the chain drive.   Advancements in mid-drive motor technology are resulting in smaller, lighter, and quieter bikes.

  • Higher performance and torque compared with a similarly powered hub motor
  • The location takes advantage of the bike’s existing gears delivering more power and range
  • Maintenance and service of the motor is as easy as taking out two bolts and replacing it
  • Better weight distribution by positioning the motor in the bike’s center
  • Wheels can be removed to repair a flat like a regular bike without affecting the motor and there is the freedom to use any wheel, tire, and cassette that you wish.
  • Smaller and lighter than a hub motor of similar power.
  • Torque sensors used to regulate the motor power based on how hard you push on the pedals results in a smoother ride.

Controller Specifications:

  • Rated voltage: DC48V
  • Rated power: 750W
  • Rated current: 30A
  • Under-voltage protection: DC41.5V+-0.5V
  • Current limited:30A±0.5A
  • Efficiency: ≥83%
  • Consumption: <1.5W

Compatible battery pack LI-ion  48V 25Ah (Note: this item is not included in this kit)


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