Hub Motor Scooter Kit 48V 800W 10 Inch

This kit is especially for 2-wheelers like Activa conversion kit, Jupiter, access, etc. This kit is very easy to assemble in your scooter within 48-72 Hrs also required some assembly parts like scooter wheel bracket, welding tools, metal cutting Etc.

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For a hub motor scooter kit with specifications of 48V 800W and a 10-inch wheel size, you’re likely looking for an electric scooter conversion kit. Here’s what you should consider when searching for such a kit:

  1. Motor Type: Hub motors are commonly used in electric scooters because they’re compact and efficient. Ensure that the kit includes a hub motor suitable for your scooter’s wheel size and power requirements.
  2. Voltage and Power: Verify that the kit’s motor voltage (48V) and power rating (800W) match your scooter’s specifications. Using a motor with the correct voltage and power ensures optimal performance and compatibility with your scooter’s battery system.
  3. Wheel Size: The kit should include a motor wheel that fits your scooter’s wheel size. A 10-inch wheel size is relatively standard for electric scooters, but double-check to ensure compatibility.
  4. Controller and Wiring: The kit should come with a compatible controller and wiring harness for connecting the motor to your scooter’s battery and throttle. Check that the controller supports the motor’s voltage and power rating.
  5. Throttle and Brakes: Verify that the kit includes a throttle mechanism compatible with your scooter’s handlebars and a brake cutoff feature for safety. Some kits may also include brake levers with built-in cutoff switches.
  6. Installation Compatibility: Ensure that the kit is compatible with your scooter’s frame and mounting points. Consider whether you’ll need to modify your scooter to install the motor kit and whether you have the necessary tools and skills for the installation process.
  7. Quality and Warranty: Choose a kit from a reputable manufacturer or supplier known for producing high-quality electric scooter components. Check if the kit includes a warranty to protect against defects or malfunctions.
  8. Regulatory Compliance: Be aware of any local regulations or restrictions regarding electric scooters, including maximum motor power and speed limits. Ensure that the kit’s specifications comply with these regulations to avoid legal issues.

What is a hub motor eBike?

A hub drive motor is the most common type of motor you’ll see on cheaper E-bikes, with the motor integrated into the front or rear wheel.
The latter is more common, but a few e-bikes even have motors on both wheels. A hub drive directly applies torque to the wheel, operating independently of your bike’s gears. e-bike hub motor or mid-drive motor is a BLDC motor. that can’t run on DC directly, it needs a controller. The controller takes the DC and converts it into a variable frequency 3 phase AC
A hub motor commonly is planned in one of three arrangements. Considered least down to earth is a hub motion engine, where the stator windings are commonly sandwiched between sets of magnets. The other two arrangements are both radial designs with the motor magnets bonded to the rotor; in one, the inner rotation motor, the rotor sits inside the stator, as in a conventional motor. In the other, the outer-rotation motor, the rotor sits outside the stator and rotates around it. The application of hub motors in vehicular uses is still evolving, and neither configuration has become standard.
This is a Hub Motor Scooter Kit 48V 800W 10 Inch motor with the controller. This kit is very easy to mount on your 2 wheels like Activa, Jupiter, access, etc. This kit is especially Desing for Activa conversion Kit

Hub Motor Scooter Kit 48V 800W 10 Inch Specification:

  • 48v 1000w ( waterproof ) pure copper winding rpm 650  weight approx 8.8 kg silent and Smooth
  • Ignition key
  • Throttle with reverse switch
  • Dc to dc converter 12v 10 amp
  • Rim size 10 inch
  • Rated torque: 25 – 45 newton meter
  • Speed 55-60 km/h*
  • Loading capacity  ( 300kg )



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