74HC4060 14-Stage Binary Ripple Counter IC (744060 IC) DIP-16 Package

  1. IC Name: 74HC4060
  2. Package/Case: DIP-16

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The 74HC4060 is a 14-stage binary ripple counter IC (Integrated Circuit) manufactured by various semiconductor companies, including Texas Instruments, NXP Semiconductors, and others. Here’s an overview of its features and specifications:

  • Type: Binary Ripple Counter IC
  • Function: It is designed to count binary signals applied to its clock input (CLK) and produces a binary count at its output pins. The output pins represent binary states corresponding to the count value.
  • Number of Stages: The 74HC4060 consists of 14 stages, resulting in a counter capable of counting up to 2^14 (16,384) states before overflowing and resetting to zero.
  • Clock Input: It has an input pin for connecting an external clock signal. Each rising edge of the clock signal increments the counter.
  • Output Pins: The IC has multiple output pins (Q0 – Q13) that represent the binary count value. Each output pin corresponds to a specific bit in the binary count.
  • Reset Pin: It typically includes a reset pin (RESET) that allows resetting the counter to zero when activated.
  • Clock Divider: The 74HC4060 also includes an internal oscillator and a series of dividers, allowing it to generate a lower frequency clock signal from an external clock input.
  • Package: It’s commonly available in DIP (Dual In-line Package) or SOIC (Small Outline Integrated Circuit) packages with a varying number of pins.
  • Voltage: Operates typically at 2V to 6V.
  • Temperature Range: It typically operates across a wide temperature range, often from -40°C to 125°C.

The 74HC4060 is widely used in digital circuits where counting or timing functions are required, such as frequency dividers, timers, frequency synthesizers, and other applications requiring precise time measurement or frequency division.


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