CH-812 0.08-2.5mm SPL-2 Pole Wire Connector with Spring Lock Lever for 2 Wire line Connection

  • The CH-812 model
  • 220V is the rated voltage.
  • Rated Voltage for Impulse: 4KV
  • Insulation Material: PA66, or modified nylon
  • Small, really simple, dependable, and reusable.
  • Colour: Orange and Grey
  • Rated Power: 32 Amperes
  • 7KW of rated power
  • Measurement: 28–12 AWG

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This is a 2-wire line connector, CH-812 0.08-2.5mm SPL-2 Pole Wire Connector with Spring Lock Lever.
Cable Connection CH-812 0.08-2.5mm Two-Pole Wire Connector Terminal Block with Spring Lock Lever. There are two line connections on this connector, so the live and neutral wires can be used independently.
PCT Spring Lever Connector: This small locking wire connector, which is used for single-strand hardwire with 0.08mm to 2.5mm2 area or soft wire with 0.08mm to 4.0mm2 area (or AWG28 to AWG12), is included with PCT-212, 213, 215, 215, 218 and CH-812, 813, 2-4, 2-6, etc. With a maximum electric current of 32A and rated voltage of 400V, this connector can handle up to 7KW of power.

Why these connectorr are preferable than wire joints:

Secure and Effective: Of all the connectors, it provides the fewest opportunities for an installation to make a mistake, such as not tightening the wire tightly enough or with enough torque. It does a great job of keeping linked wires from releasing heat cycles. These men will help you sleep better at night when working on your own electrical tasks if you’re a do-it-yourselfer.
Universal Compatibility: A connection that can be used to join solid, braided, and sized wires. They are compatible with nearly all gauges of standard home wiring, including electrical boxes, chandeliers, ceiling fans, light switches, loudspeakers, plugs, switches, and much more.

Practical and Convenient: Simply raise the lever, slide the stripped wire inside, squeeze the lever closed, grip it firmly, and establish a strong connection. If you need to connect a lot of wires for electrical installations or other activities, these are a worthwhile investment. There are instances when you need to test a circuit or jumper anything.They keep electrical boxes relatively spacious and eliminate the need to twist a fistful of copper wire together because they do not muck up the wire ends quite as much.
Revolution: Purchase some if you haven’t used them before. We think you’ll be thrilled to switch from the conventional, antiquated plastic block with nuts and bolts to these tiny smart connectors.

Note: The designs of the final product may differ.


  • Reusable, dependable, compact, and incredibly simple.
  • Superior Quality Insulating Nylon Material
  • Robust Spring Locking Mechanism with Nickel-Plated. Metal Point Internally.
  • Compact Splicing Connector with Good Temperature Resistance and a 4-Conductor Terminal Block with Operating Levers Max.
  • 85°C is the constant service temperature.

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