Emax Bullet Series 35A ESC (BLHELI_S) with Oneshot (Original)

  1. Model: Emax Bullet Series 35A
  2. Burst Current: 40A for 10 sec
  3. Input Voltage(V): up to 24
  4. Constant Current: 35A
  5. BEC: NO
  6. Suitable Batteries: 3 ~ 6S

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It seems like you’ve provided information about the Emax Bullet Series 35A ESC (BLHELI_S) with Oneshot, highlighting its features and benefits for quadcopters and multi-rotors in the FPV racing scene. Here’s a summary:

1. Purpose-built for Quadcopters and Multi-rotors:
– The ESC is specifically designed for high-level FPV racing and is optimized for use with quadcopters and multi-rotors.

2. Fast and Precise Motor Speed Control:
– The ESC promises faster and better motor speed control, leading to improved flight performance compared to other available ESCs.

3. BLHeli-S Firmware:
– The ESC utilizes the latest BLHeli-S firmware, which is known for its advanced features and performance optimizations.

4. Super-Mini and Ultra-Light Design:
– Marketed as the lightest and smallest ESC in the market, the Emax Bullet Series aims to reduce weight and size for enhanced agility and maneuverability.

5. PWM Signal for Smoother Throttle Response:
– Hardware PWM is employed to generate a signal, contributing to smoother throttle response and reduced noise during operation.

6. Support for Calibration Protocols:
– The ESC supports various calibration protocols, including MULTISHOT, ONESHOT42, and ONESHOT125, offering flexibility and compatibility with different flight controllers.

7. Analog Signal Support:
– The ESC supports analog signals, enhancing compatibility with modern FPV systems and flight controllers.

8. Purple Bullet Series:
– The product is part of Emax’s Purple Bullet Series, suggesting a specific product line or branding for their FPV ESCs.

In summary, the Emax Bullet Series 35A ESC (BLHELI_S) with Oneshot appears to be a high-performance and compact ESC tailored for FPV racing enthusiasts, with a focus on providing fast, precise motor control and supporting various calibration protocols for flexibility.


  1. Brand New Bullet Series (Purple):
    • The ESC belongs to the Bullet Series, which is identified by its purple color. This series may signify a specific product line or branding within Emax’s ESC offerings.
  2. Super-Mini, Ultra-Light Design:
    • The ESC is designed to be super-mini and ultra-light, emphasizing reduced size and weight for optimal performance, agility, and ease of integration on FPV racing drones.
  3. BLHeli-S Firmware:
    • The ESC utilizes the BLHeli-S firmware, a popular and advanced firmware known for its performance improvements, features, and compatibility with various flight controllers.
    • The ESC supports multiple calibration protocols, including MULTISHOT, ONESHOT42, and ONESHOT125. This flexibility allows users to choose the calibration protocol that best suits their flight controller and preferences.
  5. New Heatsink Design:
    • The ESC features a new heatsink design aimed at effectively reducing the core temperature. Additionally, it is designed to avoid propeller strike damage, ensuring durability and reliability during flight.
  6. High-Temperature Silicone Signal Cable:
    • The ESC comes with a high-temperature silicone signal cable. This material choice enhances wire flexibility and makes installation easier, contributing to a cleaner and more organized build.
  7. Imported MOS Tube, Japanese Ceramic Capacitors:
    • The ESC incorporates high-quality components, including imported MOS tubes and Japanese ceramic capacitors. These components are known for their reliability and performance, contributing to the overall durability and efficiency of the ESC.
  8. 3oz High-TG PCB Board:
    • The ESC is built on a 3oz High-TG (Glass Transition Temperature) PCB board. This type of board is designed to handle higher temperatures, reducing the risk of electrical heat soak and improving the overall efficiency of the system.

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