1. 100% Brand New LED Bulb Socket Connector
  2. Plug-In Light Bulb Extension
  3. Good For Extension/Replacement Purposes
  4. Could Be Use To Create Extra Light Outlet
  5. Easy Installation, No Mechanic Required
  6. Ceramic Plug Construction, Pre-Wired Socket
  7. High Heat Resistant.Super Durable And Long Lifespan
  8. Compatible For H4 Headlight.

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It seems you’re looking for a wiring socket specifically designed for connecting an electric vehicle (EV) headlamp. Here’s what you might need to know:

  1. Socket Type: The “3 pin” specification indicates that the wiring socket has three pins or terminals for making electrical connections. These pins typically correspond to the positive (+), negative (-), and ground (GND) connections.
  2. Compatibility: Ensure that the wiring socket is compatible with the specific type of headlamp you have or plan to install on your electric vehicle. Check the headlamp’s specifications to verify compatibility with the socket.
  3. Wiring: Make sure you understand the wiring configuration of your headlamp and how it corresponds to the pins on the socket. This will ensure proper electrical connections and functionality.
  4. Water Resistance: Since the socket will be exposed to the elements, especially if it’s located on the exterior of the vehicle, consider opting for a socket with water-resistant or weatherproof features to prevent damage from moisture.
  5. Installation: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing the wiring socket, ensuring secure connections and proper routing of wires to and from the headlamp.
  6. Safety: As with any electrical component, prioritize safety during installation. Make sure to disconnect the vehicle’s power source before working on the electrical system, and double-check all connections for proper insulation and secure attachment.

By selecting a wiring socket that meets your headlamp’s specifications and considering factors like compatibility, water resistance, and safety, you can ensure a reliable electrical connection for your EV headlamp.


              Material: Ceramic + Plastic
Color      : Orange
Voltage  :  12V

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