FlySky FS-i4X 2.4GHz 4CH AFHDS R/C Transmitter + FS-A6 Receiver

  1. Operating Voltage (VDC):6
  2. Antenna Length (mm):26
  3. Code Type: Digital
  4. Color: Black
  5. No. of Channels:4
  6. RF Power: Less Than 20 dbm
  7. Sensitivity (dBm):1024

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A transmitter is one of the most crucial parts while using a drone. It uses radio signals to wirelessly transmit commands to a radio receiver, which is connected to an aircraft or multirotor that is being remotely controlled. Without it, you cannot fly a multirotor.
Using a high-gain, premium multi-directional antenna that spans the whole frequency band, the FlySky FS-i4X 2.4GHz 4CH AFHDS R/C Transmitter + FS-A6 Receiver radio system covers the entire frequency range. This radio system, when combined with a high sensitivity receiver, ensures long-range radio communication free from jamming. The AFHDS 2A protocol, which is supported by this transmitter, guarantees that two or more radios can function simultaneously without interfering with one another’s aircraft.

When a transmitter and receiver bond, each transmitter generates a unique ID. The receiver then stores this unique ID and can only accept data from the unique transmitter, preventing it from picking up another transmitter signal and significantly enhancing safety and interference immunity.
With powerful initiative and passive anti-interference capabilities and V-MIX mix control mechanism, compatible with many models. This item may be increased to 10CH using a DIY expansion channel that you make according to your own needs. Operates between the frequencies of 2.405 and 2.475 GHz. There are 140 separate channels under this name. Sensitive receiver chip and low-power electrical components are used in this radio system. By using intermittent signals, the RF modulation further reduces power usage.

Multiple channel coding and error correction are included into AFHDS2A, improving communication stability, lowering error ratios, and increasing the range of reliable transmission.

Details of the item
Use: Remote controls and automobiles
Devices and Peripherals for Remote Control: Transmitters for remote controllers and accessories
Number of Model: FS-I4X
Composition: Polymer



Name of item: FS-i4X (most recent released model)
Modes 1 (Right Hand Throttle) and 2 (Left Hand Throttle) are optional.
Mode by Default 2 Bandwidth: 2.4055–2.475 GHz Bond Quantity: 140
Channel Count: 4
Type of Model: Radio Controlled Aircraft, Helicopter, Glider
RF Power: less than 20 dBm
Bandwidth: 2.4GHz 500KHz AFHDS 2A / AFHDS system

Modulation Type: Stick GFSK 1024 x 1024 resolution
Low Power Caution: ~4.2V DSC PS2 PPM port
A antenna Measurements in length: 26 mm * 2
335g in weight
6V DC power 1.5AA*4 (Not supplied)
LED Indicators for Display


Name of Item: FS-A6
Number of Channels: Six
Fixed-Wing, Glider, Helicopter Model Type
2.455–2.475 GHz RF Range; 140 RF Channel Sensitivity of the receiver: -105dBm
500 kHz bandwidth 2.4 GHz system: AFHDS 2A
GFSK modulation type
Power: DC 4.0–6.5V
Length of antenna: 26 mm

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