GPS NEO-8M Satellite Positioning Module Development Board for Arduino STM32 51 – M8L-03A-12

Ceramic antenna on-board
module: M8L-03A-12
fused using a SMA head
Interface with a reserved serial port
has a signal indication included.


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This GPS module can be used for satellite positioning; it is based on the NEO-8M. The module has built-in FLASH, supports NMEA standard protocol output, and can store configuration data even after powering off without the need for an external EEPROM. Without the need for an external antenna, this module’s integrated ceramic antenna can locate the satellite with ease in an open area. Moreover, a SMA head that may be attached to an external antenna is welded to it to strengthen the search positioning capability. Using the data cord and the micro USB interface, you can debug the GPS module while it’s in use. Alternatively, you can use the dedicated serial port interface to receive GPS data by using an external MCU or USB to serial port adapters.

Guidelines for Wiring:
VCC: 3.3-5V power supply
GND: Earth
RXD of the microcontroller can be connected to the TXD: module serial port transmission pin (TTL level; cannot be directly connected to RS232 level).
RXD: Module serial port receiving pin (TTL level; cannot be connected directly to RS232 level); Single-chip microcomputer TXD can be attached to this pin.
Clock pulse output angle, or PPX

Without an additional antenna, the satellite may be easily located in an open area thanks to its on-board ceramic antenna.
Stronger positioning capability is achieved by using an external antenna that is welded with a SMA head.
includes a micro USB interface for data cable-based GPS module troubleshooting.
A reserved serial port interface can be utilised to receive GPS data from an external MCU or from USB to serial port modules.
includes a signal indicator that shows whether or not the GPS has received the data.

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