LC100A 2.5″ LCD Digital High Precision Inductance/Capacitance (L/C) Meter

  • 5V is the supply voltage.
  • Connector to the power supply: Φ5.5 DC Socket or Mini USB.
  • 1602 LCD is the display.
  • 4 digits are the effective display digits.
  • LC Method for measuring capacitance, inductance, and large inductance resonance.
  • Large capacitance can be measured using the charge-discharge method.

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The capacitance of 1pF–100mF and the inductance of 1uH–100H can be measured with the LC100A 2.5″ LCD Digital High Precision Inductance/Capacitance (L/C) Metre. This device integrates the high-speed microcontroller precision measurement computation based on the LC resonance principle. It is capable of measuring tiny capacitances less than 1 pF and inductances less than 1 uH.

An LC100-A LC metre can be a useful instrument for measuring the inductance of your mini-quad motor windings in order to ascertain whether or not a certain motor has shorted turns, in addition to testing standard capacitor and inductor parts.

The main advantage of the LC100A 2.5″ LCD Digital High Precision Inductance/Capacitance (L/C) Metre is that it is particularly well suited for measuring filter inductors and switching power supply transformers in microwave production. When compared to finished inductor and capacitance metre (such the 6243 series) that are sold on the market, this product has a clear advantage over small-value tests.

The instrument does not require potentiometer adjustment, and its degree and minimum resolution, together with flexible online calibration, allow it to maintain measurement accuracy at all times. The microcontroller’s FLASH contains all of the calibration parameters, thus even in the event of a power outage, data is not lost. The calibrating technique is practical and precise.

The LC100 has a few changes that make it slightly more workbench friendly. The USB connector or the coaxial DC socket can deliver the 5V power that the LC100-A requires. A 5V regulator is being installed because there is a chance that the DC input socket will unintentionally be connected to a source that is higher than 5 volts. This way, the device can be operated off of voltages ranging from 7 volts to the regulator’s top limit, which is typically 35 volts.

Test Frequency :
  1. L Range, C Range : 500 kHz.
  2. Hi.L Range: 500 Hz~50 KHz.
  3. Resolution (Hi.C Range) : 0.01 uF.
  4. Resolution (Hi.L Range) : 0.001 mH.
  5. Resolution(L Range) : 0.001 uH.
  6. Resolution (C Range) : 0.01 pF.

Features :

  1. LC Resonance measurement method of capacitance, Inductance and Large Inductance.
  2. Charge-discharge method of measurement of large capacitance.
  3. Interfaces with power supply by Mini USB or Φ5.5 DC Socket.
  4. Detachable LED Display.
  5. Features 5 different buttons including various options

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