Lemon 8000mAh 4S 15C/30C Lithium Polymer Battery Pack

  • Guaranteed leak-free performance in all orientations, excluding upside-down
  • In float service applications, a two- to three-year lifespan is anticipated.
  • Functioning in a wide range of outside temperatures
  • Capacity for recovery even following profound discharges
  • Little in size, easy to install, and minimal maintenance


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Available on backorder

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The Lemon 8000mAh 4S 15C/30C Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery pack is a rechargeable power source commonly used in various remote-controlled vehicles and devices such as drones, RC cars, boats, and planes. Here’s a breakdown of its specifications:

  1. Capacity: The battery has a capacity of 8000mAh, which indicates how much charge it can hold. In simpler terms, it can deliver 8000 milliampere-hours of power over one hour or 4000mAh over two hours, and so on.
  2. Cell Configuration: It’s a 4S pack, which means it consists of 4 individual lithium polymer cells connected in series. The “4S” designation indicates that the cells are connected in series, resulting in a higher nominal voltage compared to a single cell.
  3. Voltage: Since it’s a 4S pack, it typically operates at around 14.8 volts (3.7 volts per cell * 4 cells).
  4. Discharge Rate: The “15C/30C” rating indicates the discharge rate capability of the battery. The first number (15C) represents the continuous discharge rate, while the second number (30C) represents the burst discharge rate.
    • Continuous Discharge Rate: 15 times the capacity of the battery (8000mAh * 15 = 120,000mA or 120A).
    • Burst Discharge Rate: 30 times the capacity of the battery (8000mAh * 30 = 240,000mA or 240A).

    These ratings indicate the maximum safe current that can be drawn from the battery continuously and in short bursts without damaging it.

  5. Lithium Polymer (LiPo): LiPo batteries are known for their high energy density, making them popular for applications where lightweight and high discharge rates are important.

It’s important to handle and charge LiPo batteries with care, following the manufacturer’s instructions and using compatible chargers and charging practices to avoid damage or accidents. Overcharging, over-discharging, or puncturing a LiPo battery can lead to fire or explosion hazards. Always use a LiPo-safe charging bag and never leave charging batteries unattended.

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