LM2596R-5.0 – 5V 3A 150kHz Fixed Output Step-Down Switching Regulator IC

  1. IC Name: LM2596R-5.0
  2. Package/Case: SMD-5

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The LM2596R-5.0 is a step-down switching regulator integrated circuit (IC) manufactured by Texas Instruments. Here’s an overview of its features and specifications:

  • Type: Step-Down Switching Regulator IC
  • Functionality: The LM2596R-5.0 is designed to step down a higher input voltage to a fixed lower output voltage. It operates in a switching mode, efficiently converting the input voltage to the desired output voltage.
  • Fixed Output Voltage: The output voltage is fixed at 5V, meaning it provides a constant 5V output regardless of the input voltage variations.
  • Maximum Output Current: Capable of delivering up to 3A of continuous output current, making it suitable for powering a wide range of loads.
  • Switching Frequency: Operates at a switching frequency of 150kHz, which is the frequency at which the regulator switches on and off to regulate the output voltage.
  • Efficiency: Designed for high efficiency, minimizing power losses and maximizing energy efficiency in power supply designs.
  • Protection Features: May include built-in protection features such as overcurrent protection, thermal shutdown, and input/output overvoltage protection to safeguard the IC and connected components.
  • Package: It’s commonly available in industry-standard packages, such as TO-220, TO-263, or SOIC, depending on the specific variant.
  • Temperature Range: It typically operates across a moderate temperature range, often from -40°C to 125°C or beyond, ensuring reliable performance in various environmental conditions.

The LM2596R-5.0 is commonly used in various power supply applications where a fixed 5V output voltage is required, such as in battery chargers, DC-DC converters, LED drivers, and other electronic devices. Its high efficiency, high output current capability, and built-in protection features make it a popular choice among designers for building reliable and efficient power supply circuits.


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