Lock Set Extra Long Pin

Most pin tumbler locks are manufactured with rather limited room in the plug chambers. There is enough space for the pins and springs, of course, and some room for the stack to traverse up and down in order to operate

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An EV lock set with an extra long pin typically consists of a locking mechanism designed specifically for electric vehicle charging stations. Here’s a more detailed description:

1. **Locking Mechanism:** The lock set includes a mechanism to secure the charging connector in place, preventing unauthorized removal during charging sessions. This mechanism often involves a pin or bolt that inserts into the charging port or connector to lock it in position.

2. **Extra Long Pin:** The distinguishing feature of this lock set is the inclusion of an extra long pin. This elongated pin is designed to accommodate charging stations or connectors that require a longer reach or deeper insertion to secure properly. It ensures compatibility with a wider range of charging equipment.

3. **Durability:** The lock set is typically constructed from durable materials such as hardened steel or corrosion-resistant alloys. This ensures long-term reliability and resistance to tampering or weathering, especially important for outdoor charging stations exposed to the elements.

4. **Keyed Security:** EV lock sets usually come with a set of keys to operate the locking mechanism. The keys are unique to each lock set, providing a level of security to prevent unauthorized access to the charging connector.

5. **Installation:** The lock set is designed for straightforward installation, often requiring minimal tools and expertise. It may include mounting hardware or brackets for attaching the lock to the charging station securely.

6. **Compatibility:** Manufacturers may offer different variants of the lock set to ensure compatibility with various electric vehicle models and charging station designs. It’s essential to verify compatibility with your specific charging equipment before purchasing.

7. **Optional Features:** Depending on the manufacturer, the EV lock set may come with additional features such as weatherproof covers, tamper-resistant designs, or compatibility with smart locking systems for remote access control.

Overall, an EV lock set with an extra long pin provides a reliable solution for securing electric vehicle charging connectors, offering peace of mind to vehicle owners and operators.

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