Male Female Wiring Harness Connector 3 Pin Set

3 Pin throttle/switch/charger/speed controller connector set. 2.8mm terminals for 22 through 18 gauge wire. Includes matching 6 piece pin and socket terminal set. Commonly used for throttle, brake lever, power switch, and speed controller connections.

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A “Male Female Wiring Harness Connector 3 Pin Set” typically includes both male and female connectors along with associated pins, seals, and housings, designed to create a secure electrical connection between two components of a wiring harness. Here’s what each part of the designation typically means:

  1. Male Connector: The male connector is characterized by pins or terminals that protrude from the connector housing. These pins are designed to fit into the corresponding female connector.
  2. Female Connector: The female connector has receptacles or sockets to accept the pins from the male connector. It typically includes housing and terminals designed to mate securely with the male connector.
  3. 3 Pin Set: This indicates that each connector in the set has three pins or terminals. The number of pins determines how many electrical connections can be made between the male and female connectors.

Wiring harness connectors are crucial components in electrical systems, providing a reliable and secure way to transmit power and signals between different parts of a vehicle, machinery, or electronic device. They are commonly used in automotive, aerospace, industrial, and consumer electronics applications.

When selecting a male female wiring harness connector set, it’s important to consider factors such as compatibility with the existing wiring harness, environmental factors (such as exposure to moisture, heat, or vibration), and the current and voltage ratings required for the specific application. Additionally, ensuring proper mating and alignment between the male and female connectors is essential for a secure and reliable connection.

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