MPXV7002DP Air Speed Sensor And Pitot Tube Set for APM

Module for Sensors: MPXV7002DP
Quantification Range: 100 m/s at 1 psi (223 mph/360 km/h).
0.84 Pa is the resolution.
Data: From a 24 bit delta-sigma ADC, delivered at 14 bits.
Low-pass filtering
10° to 60°C temperature-compensated
Pitot tube and servo cable included.


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The APM PX4 autopilot system must be used in conjunction with this MPXV7002DP Air Speed Sensor and Pitot Tube Set for APM.

In order to calculate the correct airspeed from the indicated airspeed using the MS5611 static pressure sensor on the APM PX4, this airspeed sensor also includes an integrated temperature sensor. This unit is only useful if you are using the fixed-wing code in the APM, thus if you are flying many copters, you do not need it.nsor. Unlike prior analogue airspeed systems, this sensor is immune to deviations induced by ratio-metric outputs and noise from lengthy connections. Up to 100 m/s (223 mph/360 km/h) can be measured using the Measurement Specialities 4525DO sensor employing a 0.84 Pa and 14 bits of data provided by a 24 bit delta-sigma ADC.

With the use of bipolar processing, thin-film metallization, and sophisticated micromachining processes, this proprietary single element transducer produces a precise, high-level analogue output signal that is proportionate to the applied pressure. Positive and negative pressure can be measured with the MPXV7002 device. Furthermore, this new series permits the measurement of pressure up to 7kPa through each port for both vacuum and pressure sensing (see to the transfer function in the data sheet for more extensive information), with an offset precisely at 2.5V instead of the traditional 0V.

The bottom tube is static (measuring the side port airspeed tube), while the upper tube is dynamic (measuring the air pressure of the front opening, air is forced into airspeed tube). Use this airspeed tube combo when installing an airspeed sensor on a multicopter. Two tubes are included in the combo: one dynamic tube and one static tube.

Airspeed helps a little bit with automated landings, slow flying, and strong winds.

Filtered low pass.
10° to 60°C temperature-compensated.
Pitot tube and servo cable are included.

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