OMNIBUS F4 V2 PRO Flight Controller with SD Card Slot & BEC

  1. Dimensions: 37 x 37 x 10 mm(L x H x W)
  2. Weight: 12 gm.
  3. SPI Gyro MPU6000
  4. MicroSD Blackbox
  5. F4 Processor (F405)
  6. 5v3a SBEC
  7. Built-in Current Sensor
  8. On-Board OSD (controlled by Beta flight, FC over SPI bus)
  9. On-Board Video Filter (only can supply 5V to VTX and Camera)
  10. On-Board Voltage Regulator and Power supply (BEC)

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Based on the successful omnibus F3 pro design, this is the all-new OMNIBUS F4 V2 PRO Flight Controller with SD Card Slot & BEC. The more potent STM F4 CPU on this board, however, allows for significantly faster loop times, which is its primary benefit. All the additional features you adore from the Omnibus F3 pro are still present, such as an OSD module, SD card reader, low-noise MPU6000 IMU linked via SPI, a voltage and current sensor, and more. This board can now be powered straight from your flight battery thanks to the integrated BEC included in the V2 pro version. (for up to four seconds)ions.

A crucial component of your drone is the Flight Controller (FC), whose speed determines how well it responds to stick inputs. The Beta flight F4 Flight Controller has an integrated On Screen Display (OSD) and a 32-bit processor for superior performance.

The backbone of the FC is the STM32F405 processor, which has enough RAM and CPU capability to handle even the most amazing flights. The MPU600 sensor, which combines a 3-axis accelerometer with a 3-axis gyroscope to assist you stay in the proper location, is included with this. Easy access to flight data is helpful while doing first person perspective flying, and the integrated on-screen display (OSD) delivers all the flight data directly to your video feed, goggles, or monitor screen.

Battery Elimination Circuit (BEC):

The excellent feature of this new Omnibus is its ability to convert the primary voltage of LiPo battery packs to a lower voltage (e.g., 2S 7.4V, 3S 11.1V, or 4S 14.8V to 5V). This voltage regulator is simply known by a fancy name. As the name implies, BEC, which is typically integrated inside ESC, removes the need for a separate battery to operate your 5V F4 Omnibus flight controller.

Take note:

Make sure you have excellent welding before powering it up, as there are numerous functions on one board and dense solder junctions that make it easy to short circuit.
Follow these steps if you are unable to get the FC to identify your PPM receiver. You must activate UART3 and enable RX_serial in the GUI. Restart the flight controller after saving. Once you select RX_PPM once more on the GUY, the FC will now speak with your PPM receiver.


Pinheaders for SBUS/PPM input
SBUS/PPM receiver configuration

Processor: Baro (BMP280) STM32 F405 MCU for rapid processing power The configuration has to be opened as the default is closed.
Video filter on-board (only able to supply 5V to VTX and camera)
On-board voltage regulator and power supply (BEC): 5 volts, 3 amps
Gyro and accelerometer SPI Sensor MPU6000, barometer BMP280
Galvanometer: Real-time monitoring of power current usage and integrated gal is provided.
Integrated Beta Flight OSD: Assist the ground station Test flight Configure OSD parameters; enable PID tuning using OSD via a remote controller.(Accommodate FPV transceiver such as Wolfwhoop Q1/Q3/Q1-Pro) (managed by FC via SPI bus, beta flying)

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