Original Prusa CW1S Curing and Washing Machine

  • Voltage range for input: 100 to 240
  • Voltage output: 24 V
  • 130 W of power are used.
  • UV LED maximum power: 52,8 W

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The Original Prusa CW1S is a multipurpose curing and washing machine made to make resin 3D printing post-processing easier and faster. The apparatus can be utilised with any desktop SLA machine, while it is compatible with the Original Prusa SL1S MSLA 3D printer. In addition to post-processing, the CW1S may warm resin in advance of printing for best results and ultimate part characteristics.

The CW1S uses a magnetic propeller that creates a whirlpool to completely wash the printed models, together with a stainless steel tank filled with isopropyl alcohol (IPA). Conveniently, the build platform containing the model fastens to the tank lid. Use the metal basket that comes with the machine for small components. The printed models are cleaned with care and effectiveness thanks to the employment of a magnetic propeller.

To prevent stains from resin residue, the model must be dried with hot air after washing. After that, the parts can be exposed to UV radiation curing to obtain their ultimate chemical and mechanical qualities as well as a flawless surface finish. The whole post-processing step with the CW1S only takes ten to fifteen minutes. In addition, it greatly improves user convenience and cleanliness of the procedure. Like most Prusa devices, the CW1S has simple controls that include an LCD screen and an operating knob.

Main Features

Prusa 11


Prusa 12 1

Resin Pre-heat

Resins tend to change their state while being stored, that is the reason to shake the bottle with resin well before printing. However, CW1S can also preheat the resin before printing it, thus getting it to the ideal printing temperature and state for the best performance of the SL1S and the resin itself.



The finished print has to be washed to remove the uncured resin from its surface. CW1S uses a stainless steel tank for isopropyl alcohol and a magnetic propeller. The magnetic propeller movement stirs the liquid, so it gets to every part of the model. This method is less aggressive compared to ultrasonic cleaning and works very well even with very small objects.



Drying a washed model is yet another feature of the multipurpose CW1S. Before the washed model is cured with UV light, it has to be dried in order to avoid resin residue stains.

Prusa 15


Curing the model with UV light is an essential part of the resin printing process. Printed objects are usually soft, so treating them with UV light gives them optimal surface properties.


Smart Design

CW1S, unlike most of the other resin printing accessories, combines 4 important features in a single device. Even though it’s a multi-purpose device, it’s very compact (smaller than the SL1S) and saves you a lot of space in your workshop.

Easy to use

CW1S was designed with user comfort in mind. The IR sensor detects whether the liquid container is present in the device and displays the set of functions to choose from accordingly. CW1S simply knows what steps to take in advance.


  1. Resin preheat
  2. Washing using magnet driven propeller to create a vortex and wash resin residue from the print
  3. Dries the print after washing is done
  4. Cures the print using 4 UV LED strips.

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