Sipeed MaixSense A010 with LCD

  • Memory: 132KB RAM & 192KB ROM CPU: BL702-32-bit RISC CPU with FPU, Up to 144MHz Memory
  • The Sipeed MaixSense A010 model
  • Connector: 1.25mm USB Type-C Link
  • External interfaces: UART and USB 2.0


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This is the LCD-equipped Sipeed MaixSense A010.

The Sipeed MaixSense MetaSense A010 is a low-cost, all-in-one, versatile, and user-friendly 3D Time-of-Flight (ToF) solution for Internet of Things applications. With its 100×100 array ToF sensor and ToF processor on board, it integrates ToF signal processing, ToF sensing, and application algorithm onto a single board. It incorporates these algorithms: Particular uses, including keystone correction, posture management, posture monitoring, multi-area human body location and sensing, and ranging. Many Internet of Things applications, such as smart lighting, smart parking, smart appliances, smart TVs, smart projectors, and smart home facilities, employ these functionalities extensively.

The MetaSense A010 is powered by USB2.0 and outputs RGB images at 30 frames per second in addition to ToF depth data. Its highly developed optical, electrical, and very accurate algorithms can compute depth data down to the millimetre level. With dual support for ROS systems and an open ROS1 + ROS2 access function package, depth data and a depth map may be rapidly obtained.

Strong compatibility and a serial protocol foundation characterise MS-A010. For secondary development, it can be linked to single-chip development boards like the K210 bit or Linux development boards like the Raspberry Pi. It transmits data and provides interfaces via the serial port protocol. We offer two physical interfaces: a 1.0mm 4-pin motherboard (UART) that can obtain depth map data for integration, and a type-c virtual serial connection.

TOF technology: what is it?
This technique measures the “time of flight” of signals, such as light, microwave, or ultrasonic, between the reflector and the transmitter in order to determine the distance between the two. The TOF sensor possesses the ability to attain TOF range. The most widely utilised ones are laser and infrared ranging.

The objects’ distances from one another differ. The module uses the variation in the recorded depth data to display the warm and cool hues. The mapping of the distance alters the hues of cold and warm.


  • Robotic navigation and SLAM
  • Monitoring and security examination
  • Counting people and detecting tailgates
  • AR/VR and gesture identification
  • Autonomy and AGV obstacle detection
  • Three-dimensional modelling
  • Measurement of dimensions
  • The detection of liveness and facial recognition


  • Strong support for chips: Main chip: BL702 RISC-V 144MHz ToF and RGB sensor combination: Depth vision features are provided via RGB sensors and cameras.
  • Depth range: 0.15 – 1.5 metres; precision of millimetre level: High accuracy is derived from high precision.
  • Minimal and adaptable power usage: assisting with the charge control of lithium batteries
  • Compatibility outside: Scenes outside are appropriate for the sturdy shell.

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