SKYRC S65 65W 6A AC Balance Charger Discharger for 2-4S Lipo Battery charger

  • Charge Wattage: 65W
  • Input Voltage: AC 100-240V
  • Watts of Discharge: 10W
  • Current of Charge: 0.1A to 6.0A.
  • Current of Discharge: 0.1A to 2.0A.
  • Two to four balance cells.

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The high-performance microprocessor control charge/discharge station, SKYRC S65 65W 6A, has an AC input and is ideal for use with all current battery types, including LiPo, LiIon, LiFe, NiCd, NiMH, PB, and new generation LiHV with an end voltage of 4.35V. It also features battery management. It is a little charger/discharger with AC input. The SKYRC S65 65W maximum charging power 6A has a maximum charging current of 6A and a maximum discharging current of 2A.


  • Embedded XT60 Battery Connector: This feature makes charging the most often used battery with an XT60 connector safer and more convenient while also removing the possibility of reverse polarity.
  • Battery Memory (Data Store/Load): For your convenience, the charger has the capacity to store up to ten distinct charge/discharge patterns. The information related to the battery’s continuous charging or discharging programme configuration is retained. Users don’t need to change any programme settings to access these data at any moment.
  • AGM and Cold Charge Modes for PB Battery: The SKYRC S65 65W 6A is capable of charging both AGM and PB batteries at extremely low temperatures.
  • Intelligent & Effective Cooling System: Air is efficiently blown through the extruded aluminium heat sink by a temperature-controlled, high-speed 7000 rpm sleeve bearing cooling fan, effectively cooling the gadget.
  • Greater Accuracy with Three Decimals for Battery Voltage: The charger firmware is extremely well-optimized, allowing for the display of three decimals for battery voltage during both charging and measurement.
  • Temperature Threshold: The procedure will end if the temperature is exceeded.

Important Notice :

These warnings and safety notes are particularly important. Please follow the instructions for maximum safety, otherwise, the charger and the battery can be damaged or at worst it can cause a fire.

  1. Never leave the charger unattended when it is connected to its power supply. If any malfunction is found, TERMINATE THE PROCESS AT ONCE and refer to the operation manual.
  2. Keep the charger well away from dust, dampness, rain, heat, direct sunshine and vibration. Never drop it.
  3. The allowable AC input voltage is 100 ~ 240V AC
  4. This charger and the battery should be put on a heat-resistant, non-inflammable and non-conductive surface. Never place them on a car seat, carpet or similar. Keep all the inflammable volatile materials away from the operating area.
  5. Make sure you know the specifications of the battery to be charged or discharged to ensure it meets the requirements of this charger. If the program is set up incorrectly, the battery and charger may be damaged. It can cause fire or explosion due to overcharging
  6. Be very careful to choose the correct voltage for different types of batteries otherwise, you may cause damage to the batteries. Incorrect settings could cause the cells to fire or explode.

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