Smart Car Wheel Trace Robot Patrol Line Vehicle

  • Product: Wheels
  • Color: White
  • Material: Metal & Plastic
  • Diameter: 30 mm
  • Wheel Height: 37mm

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The “Smart Car Wheel Trace Robot Patrol Line Vehicle” seems to describe a type of robotic vehicle designed for line-following or patrol tasks. Here’s what you can infer from the description:

1. **Smart Car**: The term “smart car” typically refers to a vehicle equipped with advanced technology for automation, sensing, and control. In this context, it likely denotes a robotic car capable of autonomous or semi-autonomous operation.

2. **Wheel Trace**: “Wheel trace” might refer to the path or trajectory followed by the wheels of the vehicle. It suggests that the vehicle is designed to track or trace a specific line on the ground.

3. **Robot Patrol**: The mention of “patrol” suggests that the vehicle may be used for surveillance, monitoring, or security purposes. It could patrol predefined routes or areas autonomously, detecting and responding to certain conditions or events.

4. **Line Following**: The vehicle is likely equipped with sensors and control systems that enable it to follow a predefined line or path on the ground. This could involve using infrared sensors, cameras, or other types of detectors to detect and track the line.

5. **Autonomous Operation**: The vehicle may be capable of autonomous operation, meaning it can navigate and perform its patrol or line-following tasks without human intervention. This autonomy could be achieved through onboard sensors, processors, and control algorithms.

6. **Vehicle Configuration**: The specific configuration of the vehicle, including its size, shape, and number of wheels, is not detailed in the description. However, it likely features wheels suitable for traversing various types of terrain and surfaces.

7. **Applications**: The vehicle could have various applications, including educational robotics, hobbyist projects, automated warehouse or factory operations, or even surveillance and security in certain environments.

Overall, the “Smart Car Wheel Trace Robot Patrol Line Vehicle” appears to describe a robotic vehicle optimized for line-following tasks, potentially equipped with smart technology for autonomous operation and patrol duties.


  1. Small In Size
  2. High-Quality wheels
  3. Durable

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