Ball Caster Wheel Small-3pcs

  • Base plate diameter: 27.5mm
  • Caster wheel diameter: 13.5mm.
  • Wheel height: 18mm
  • Ball Material: Steel.
  • Cap Material: Plastic.
  • Weight: 15 gm.
  • Load Capacity: 5 kg

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The “Ball Caster Wheel Small-3pcs” likely refers to a pack of three small ball caster wheels. Here’s what you can expect from such a product:

  1. Quantity: This pack contains three ball caster wheels. Having multiple wheels allows for better stability and weight distribution, especially in robotic projects where balance is crucial.
  2. Size: As indicated, these caster wheels are small in size. The specific dimensions may vary depending on the manufacturer, but they’re typically designed for use in compact robotic applications.
  3. Material: The wheels may be constructed from various materials, commonly including plastic or metal. The choice of material impacts factors such as durability, weight, and smoothness of movement.
  4. Ball Caster Mechanism: Each wheel features a ball caster mechanism. This mechanism allows the wheel to rotate freely in all directions, facilitating omnidirectional movement. The ball caster typically sits within a housing or bracket that attaches to the robot’s chassis.
  5. Applications: These caster wheels are suitable for a variety of small-scale robotics projects, including miniature robotic cars, DIY robots, educational kits, and hobbyist creations.
  6. Ease of Installation: The wheels are designed to be easy to install, typically requiring simple mounting to the robot’s frame or chassis using screws or other fasteners.
  7. Smooth Movement: Like other ball caster wheels, these are engineered to provide smooth movement across different surfaces. This ensures that the robot can navigate its environment effectively without excessive friction or resistance.

In summary, the “Ball Caster Wheel Small-3pcs” is a convenient pack of three small ball caster wheels suitable for small robotic projects, offering stability, maneuverability, and ease of installation.

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